New YA Books You Don’t Want To Miss

From queer romance, to literary-inspired survival guides, this week’s genre picks are a YA dream come true. You don’t want to miss these!

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What time is it? It’s time to add new books to your TBR! The best part of the week, and these five new YA novels are pretty great. Great characters, great stories, you name it. You don’t want to miss out on these surefire hits.

1. Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo

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Clap When You Land tells the story of two sisters, Yahiara and Camino, separated by a secret and brought together by a loss. The father of the girls leads a double life, as a father to Camino in the summer in the Dominican Republic and as a father to Yahiara the rest of the year in New York. On his annual flight to visit Camino, his plane crashes and there are no survivors. Both girls are filled with grief, and as they mourn the death of their father they learn about the other’s existence. All of their father’s secrets unravel, and now the girls have to learn what this sisterhood means to them and what it will take to keep their dreams alive.



2. Parachutes by Kelly Yang


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Parachutes follows two girls, Claire Wang and Dani Del La Cruz. Claire never thought she would be a ‘parachute’; a teenager dropped off in the United States and living in a private home while their parents stay in Asia, and her parents enrolled her in a high school in California with Dani. Far away from her privileged life back in Asia, now she has no one to tell her what to do and has freedom she never imagined she could have. To make matters better, Jay, the most eligible parachute asks her out. Unfortunately, Dani isn’t thrilled to have Claire around. She is hyper-focused on getting into Yale, keeping her grades up, and being the star of the debate team. She has privileged white kids to compete with so she has to keep her game up, but then her debate coach begins to work with her one-on-one and that throws her off course. Now, Claire and Dani are finding themselves on a collision course, no matter how much they try to avoid each other, they are about to intertwine in deeper and complicated ways.


3. The Life and (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly by Jamie Pacton


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The Life and (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly tells the story of Kit, who works at the medieval themed restaurant in her town. She wants to be a Knight like her brother, but unfortunately, since she’s a girl, she’s stuck being a wench-waitress. Kit knows she has what it takes to be a Knight, and she needs the raise to help her mom with the mortgage and to save for her dream college. So, one night, she secretly fills in for her brother, at the end of the night she reveals herself, and the internet goes wild. Company policy only allows boys to be knights, so she gets in big trouble with management, but Kit isn’t ready to back down. The other wenches rally at her side and start a protest. Now they must joust before the restaurant executives and prove that gender restrictions need to stay in the medieval times, or else they could get fired.



4. Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender


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Felix Ever After follows Felix Love, who wants nothing more than to be in love. He doesn’t understand why it’s so easy for everyone else but him. Felix even begins to fear that he’s too marginalized, since he’s black, queer, and transgender. He doesn’t think he’s worthy of his own happy ending, and then someone in his school starts sending him transphobic tweets anonymously. To add more salt to the wound, they post a picture of Felix before he transitioned, and now Felix wants revenge. However, Felix ends up in a quasi-love triangle, which he didn’t expect. As he deals with all of this, Felix finds himself on a journey of self-discovery that helps him rdefine how he feels about himself.


5. By the Book by Amanda Sellet


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By the Book tells the story of classic novel lover Mary Porter-Malcolm and how she knows about all the mistakes that have been made by impressionable young women. So, when a new girl comes to her school and immediately falls for the school bad boy, Mary tries to help her by making a Scroundel School Survivial Guide, which basically warns her of all the literay types to avoid. Unfortunately, Mary finds herself falling for the bad boy herself, and has a hard time taking her own advice. She soon learns life and fiction don’t follow the same rules and in order to be happy in real life she has to write her own story.

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