New Thrillers to Read for Thanksgiving Week!

It’s thanksgiving week and a great time to read some thriller novels. Enjoy some nice thanksgiving leftovers with these new novels that will keep you reading until you’ve reached the last page.

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Welcome to a new week! And what a wonderful week it is! It’s thanksgiving week and a great time to read some thriller novels. Enjoy some nice thanksgiving leftovers with these new novels that will keep you reading until you’ve reached the last page.


1. Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell


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Invisible Girl is about a geography teacher, Owen Pick, who lives with his aunt and is currently suspended from his job after being accuesed of sexual misconduct. Of course, he denies that he did anything; he’s in his thirties and still a virgin. While on suspension, he gets lost in forums of celibacy and that’s where he meets Bryn. His neighbors, the Fours family, are skeptcial about Owen, especially since one of their teenage daughers claims he followed her home once. Roan Fours, the father, is a psychologist, and one of his former patients, Saffrye Maddox, misses her sessions with Roan. She feels abandon and just can’t let go, so she begins to stalk him, and while doing that she learns a lot about the Fours family. Then, on Valetine’s Day, she disappears and unfortunately the last person to see her alive was Owen.


2. The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turton


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The Devil and the Dark Water is set in 1634 and tells the story of famous detective, Samuel Pipps, who is about to be excuted for murder. He is being transported to Amsterdam for the crime, along with his assistant, Arent Hayes, who is determined to prove Samuel’s innocence. While aboard the ship, mysterious things begin to happen. A leaper that has died twice, stalks the ship, livestock is being slaughtered, and three passengers are marked for death, Samuel included. With Samuel locked up, the only person to solve this mystery is Aren’t. And this mystery is from their past, and is now threatening the lives of everyone on the ship.



3. The Hollow Places by T. Kingfisher


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The Hollow Places is about a young woman, Kara, who has just been divorced and moved back home. While in her Uncle’s bunker, she finds mysterious words behind the hole in the wall. Kara becomes obessed with these words and begins to explore the bunker. While searching, she discovers alternate realites and they are haunted by creatures that can hear thoughts. Unfortuantely, the more you fear these creatures, the stronger they become.


4. They Never Learn by Layne Fargo


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They Never Learn is about a an English Professor, Scarlett Clark, who literally gets away with murder, and her new freshman student, Carly Schiller. Scarlett kills the worst men on campus, and so far she hasn’t been a suspect in any of the cases, but this year she’s planning her biggest murder yet, and in order to keep herself off the radar she befriends Dr. Mina Pierce, the person in charge of the investiagtions. Unfortunately, things go awry with her latest victim that could blow her cover. While Carly is happy to finally be free of her abusive father, and is ready to focus on school and wants nothing more than to be a wallflower, her roommate, Alison, has other ideas and is ready to be the life of the party. But when Alison is sexually assulated at a party, Carly will stop at nothing to find the attacker and make him pay.



5. Never Turn Back by Christopher Swann


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Never Turn Back is about Ethan Faulkner, who lost his parents at a young age when a woman came to his house to hide from two men who were chasing her. Unfortunately, one of the men came in after her, which caused his parents death. Now, Ethan is a teacher and has just started a relationship with his co worker, Marisa, but he isn’t watching out for his sister the way that he promised his father he would. Ethan is a little resentful that his sister got to their dad before he died, and he didn’t. However, it’s been many years since that happened and Ethan just wants to put all of that behind him. Marisa, however, wants to talk about it all the time, so he tries to dump her but Marisa isn’t having it. She could destory the life he’s created, and when a murder case breaks, and the evidence points to Ethan, he has no choice but to dig into his past to find out the truth of the present.


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