New Thriller Books to Kick off 2021

It’s a new year and it’s also a new week! The best part of a new year is all of the amazing new books that will be released. Here are some new releases in the thriller genre that will leave you wanting more, which is a great way to kick off a new year.


1. The Cousins by Karen M. Mcmanus


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The Cousins tells the story of cousins, Milly, Aubrey, and Jonah. All three of them each recieve a letter from their estranged grandmother, asking them to work at her resort for the summer. All of their parents have been disinherited by her, so the cousins are skeptical about her intentions. However, the parents all agree they have to go because this could be their chance to get back into their mothers good graces. Unfortunately, the more the cousins stay at the resort the more dark secrets they learn about their family’s past. They will soon discover that whatever pulled their family apart is still there, and now is there chance to learn everything.


2. Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane


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Pretty Little Wife tells the story of a woman named Lila Ridgefield, who lives in a small college town. However, nothing in the town is what it seems, even Lila herself. One of the students from the college is missing and then Lila’s husband, Aaron, goes missing as well. This seems like a coincedience at first, but then they learn that the students disapperance falls in line with the other two missing cases over the past couple of years. Everyone in town is freaking out, except for Lila, but that’s only because she saw her husbands body… she just doesn’t know where it went.



3. The Wrong Family by Tarryn Fisher


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The Wrong Family is about Juno, who thought she knew the Crouch family.  Juno, used to think Winnie Crouch and her family were perfect; that was until she moved into their home. However, Juno doesn’t see the need to judge since she is just living there to retire in peace. At least, that is, until she overhears a conversation between Winnie and her husband. She knows she shouldn’t get invovled but this could be her chance to make things right… or could it? After all, Juno has some secrets of her own.


4. Wrong Alibi by Christina Dodd


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Wrong Alibi tells the story of wrongly convicted Evelyn Jones. At just eighteen years old, Evelyn lands a job to work for a man named Donald White in his mountain home. But, he disappears and she is quickly charged for his murder… so Evelyn had no choice but to run. She’s changes her name and lives an isolated life away from her family, working at a wilderness camp. In her spare time, she looks for Donald so that she can return to the world. Then, Donald returns and Evelyn can finally emerge from hiding, but now she must clear her name before she is found again with blood on her hands… and this time, it’s the blood of her family.



5. The Mystery of Mrs. Christie by Marie Benedict


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The Mystery of Mrs. Christie is about Agatha Christie going missing in December of 1926. The only thing left in her train car is a fur coat that was left behind and some nearby tire tracks. Her husband and daughters have no idea what happened to her, so England unleashes a man-hunt to find her, and then eleven days later she suddenly shows up. When Agatha returns, she claims she has amensia and gives no explanation as to where she was during those eleven days….


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