New Romance novels to Read right Now!

A new week means new books to explore, and this week’s genre is romance! There are tons of great romance novels out there, but these are some fresh new releases to get you started for the week.

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A new week means new books to explore, and this week’s genre is romance! There are tons of great romance novels out there, but these are some fresh new releases to get you started for the week. Everyone needs new books to add to their TBR lists, so why not add these?

1. Beach Read by Emily Henry


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Beach Reads tells the story of two authors, January Andrews and Augustus Everett, who have two completely different writing styles. January is a best selling romance writer and Augustus is an acclaimed author that writes thrillers. Despite their differences, they are stuck spending three months together in neighboring beach houses. Another thing they have in common is their writer’s block, so in order to help each other out they come up with a challenge. January tells Augustus to write a happy story for once, and January has to write the next great American novel.  To help each other further, January takes Augustus on trips that are made for rom-coms and Augustus takes January to meet some survivors of a death cult. Sounds like a great adventurous summer for these two writers, and maybe they just might fall in love along the way.



2. Something to Talk About by Meryl Wilsner


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Something to Talk About follows two young women, Jo and Emma, who are thrown into a whirlwind of chaos because of one photo. Jo is known as Hollywood’s powerhouse, and Emma is her assistant. One night while on the red carpet, Jo whispers something in Emma’s ear to make her laugh, someone snaps a photo, and boom they are deemed a couple. Now, Emma’s promotion and Jo’s new movie are in jeopardy. All aspects of their lives are being tracked by the paparazzi, and their co-workers are treating them differently. Someone just so happens to be leaking information to the media. However, Jo still has a new film project approaching, so Emma and Jo have no choice but to spend time together. Emma seems to know everything Jo needs and Jo, who can be cold and closed off, is opening up to Emma. So, the rumors about them could possibly be true, but should they risk acting on the spark that could trigger even more gossip?


3. The Trouble with Hating You by Sajni Patel


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The Trouble with Hating You tells the story of Liya Thakker, who is a happily single biochemical engineer, and doesn’t need her parents help to find a man. Unfortunately, when she shows up to her parent’s house for dinner, it turns out to be another set up, so she storms out, but a week later, the man she was supposed to be set up with turns up at her office. Turns out the man, Jay Shah, is the new lawyer that is going to help her struggling company. Liya isn’t happy to see him, and the feeling is mutual with Jay because he is still humiliated. Liya finds Jay arrogant and infuriating, but she also think he’s a charming lawyer that looks good in a suit. However, the two build up some witty banter that turns into late-night chats, and now Liya believes he could be the only man that accepts her for who she is. There is no doubt that these two are falling for each other, but falling for each other means confronting their pasts.


4. The Fascinators by Andrew Eliopulos


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The Fascinators follows Sam, who seeks the help of his two friends Della and James, and their school magic club, to see him through to graduation. Magic isn’t allowed in their small town, so he needs his friends to keep him afloat, but then senior year approaches and Sam notices differences among his friends.  For one thing, Sam is trying to figure out if he is in love with James, and Della is becoming annoyed with magic. While James put a target on all of their backs by getting involved with some ‘magickickers’ over the summer. All of Sam’s hopes for the year are thrown out the window, now that the love of magic that brought him and his friends together is tearing them apart.




5. The Henna Wars by Adiba Jaigirdar


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The Henna Wars tells the story of Nishat, a young Muslim girl who comes out to her parents. Her parents tell her she can be whoever she wants, as long as she isn’t herself, because a Muslim girl cannot be a lesbian. Nishat now has to choose between being herself or losing her family, which is a decision no one should have to make. To make matters worse, an old childhood friend comes back into her life, Flavia, and Nishat is immediately drawn to her beauty and charisma. Now, Nishat and Flavia are thrown together for a school competition, where students have to create their own businesses, and both girls choose to do henna. Life begins to get more complicated and stressful for Nishat, but her crush on Flavia is still strong, and there might be more to her than Nishat realizes.


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