New Out-of-This-World Sci-Fi Novels

It’s another new week filled with brand-new books. Who doesn’t love a new week filled with new books? These five new books are so cool and full of everything science fiction that your inner Sheldon Cooper is going to explode with excitement.



  1. The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey

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The Echo Wife tells the story of Martine, the clone of Evelyn Caldwell. Martine stems from Evelyn’s award-winning research, and she does everything she is supposed to do. However, even though Evelyn created Martine, Martine is everything Evelyn doesn’t want to be. Then, Martine has an affair with Evelyn’s husband. Evelyn’s husband dies, and now both women have a mess to clean up. But Evelyn is used to cleaning up messes.

2. The Galaxy and the Ground Within by Becky Chambers

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The Galaxy and the Ground Within tells the story of the unremarkable planet Gora. Gora is where everyone makes a stop to get supplies, stretch, and get fuel. Then all traffic stops to and from Gora due to a technological failure, which leaves three different species stranded at the shop. A cargo runner, an exiled artist, and a mysterious individual must confront where they’ve been and decide where they should go from there.

3. Game Changer by Neal Shusterman

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Game Changer tells the story of Ash and how his life changed after he was hit on the football field. Ash was hit into another dimension, and now he can’t stop bouncing through different worlds. It’s not long before things start to spiral out of control. He is eventually thrown into a dimension where he has everything he’s ever wanted. Now, he’s looking at himself through a new lens.

4. This is Not the Jess Show by Anna Carey

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This is Not the Jess Show tells the story of Jess Flynn, who just wants to get through her junior year without drama. However, drama always seems to find her. Her parents are overprotective, her sister’s health is declining, and she has a crush on her best friend. To make matters worse, her town, Swickley, is starting to feel smaller as the days go by. The town is being taken over by a mysterious new flu, and whenever Jess goes into a room, conversations seem to end. Then, a device with an apple logo drops at Jess’s feet.

5. The Electric Kingdom by David Arnold

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The Electric Kingdom tells the story of Nico and her dog, who are the survivors of a fly flu. The flu swept the nation, and now Nico and her dog are on a voyage her father mapped out to find a mythical portal. Then there is Kit, who is a young artist and a Deliverer who is determined to put the world back together. These three survivors travel together through New England, and they meet new people who are on the same path to find light after darkness.

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