New Historical Fiction Novels To Kick Off December

It’s a new week and the start of a new month! It’s December! The best month of the year is finally here and what better way to start this awesome month, than with some new books. Historical fiction books are great reads, and now is the perfect time to make some hot chocolate, and snuggle up by the fire with a book that will take you back in time.

  1. The Berlin Girl by Mandy Robotham

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The Berlin Girl, takes place in 1938 Berlin, and tells the story of a reporter named Georgie Young. Georgie, works alongside Max Spender, and both of them are entering the eye of the storm. When they arrive in Berlin,  they see a sea of red flags and so many Nazis. They even witness, innocent people being ripped away from their homes. Georgie and Max, realize they have to do something, even if it puts their own lives in jeopardy. As they dig deeper into Berlin, they learn more about Germany Hitler has created and they are pulled into a world darker than they ever thought possible.

2. The Cold Millons by Jess Walter

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The Cold Millions, tells the story for Rye Dolan and his brother. Rye, is sixteen, and just wants a job and a home, while his older brother, Gig, just wants a better world. Rye and Gig, jump freight trains and just get by on their wits, then they meet Ursula, who sings vaudeville, with a live cougar. She introduces the brother to a mining magnate, who won’t release his hold on Ursula. Rye, also befriends a feminist activist, named Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, who inspires him to join the fight for the working class. Unfortunately, a storm is coming that could ruin everything. Now, Rye must decide if he’s willing to win a battle, even if it means not winning the war.

3. Colors of Truth by Tamera Alexander

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Colors of Truth, takes places in 1866, and tells the story of Catriona O’Toole and Wade Cunningham. Catriona, and her seven-year-old sister, Nora are the only survivors of an illness that killed their family. Now Catriona, is traveling to Franklin, to find her brother, Ryan, who was headed to Franklin. Unfortunately, there was a battle in Franklin, that didn’t end well. While Catriona looks for her brother, Wade, on the other hand, is looking for counterfeiters. He just joined the United States Secret Service Agency and a tip leads him to Canton and Franklin, however, he has to keep his identity a secret, due to a murder of one of the agents. However, he soon learns that someone in town already knows his true identity, and he also learns that the case he is working on points to Catriona, but he doesn’t believe it, and it doesn’t help that he’s falling for her. Unfortunately for him, Catriona’s main focus is finding her brother, but now she’s worried that he might be buried amongst the two thousand Confederate soldiers who died during the Battle of Franklin.

4. Stories from Suffragette City by M.J Rose

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Stories from Suffragette City, is a collection of short stories written by historical fiction authors, including Kristin Hannah. All the stories take place on the same day, New York in 1915, when women marched for the right to vote. There are so many different stories from that day, and all of them are now together in this book. All of these voices can break so many glass ceilings.

5. Fortune Favors the Dead by Stephen Spotswood

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Fortune Favors the Dead, takes place in 1942, and tells the story of a runaway circus performer, Willowjean Parker. Will, just saved the life of Lilian Pentecost, New York’s finest detective. Will, used his knife-throwing skills to save her, and with Lilian’s sclerosis, she just can’t keep up with her cases as she used to. So, she hires Will to assist her, and in return, he gets a room and a salary. Now, three years later, Will and Lilian are still working together and now they are trying to crack the Collin Case. Abigial Collin was bulegoned to death with a crystal, after she had a big Halloween party in her room. Her body was found in the same chair, where her husband was shot to death last year. Will and Lilian, were asked to look for clues that the police haven’t been able to find. It is rumoured that her husband did it, from beyond the grave and now Will and Lilian are tasked with finding messages from the dead, which isn’t easy. So, they enlist the help of spiritualist, Becca Collins, the daughter of Abigail, who quickly begins to fall for Will. As their relationship becomes less professional, Will learns she may be the murderers next target.


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