New Fantasy Novels To Escape Into

Fantasy is the perfect genre to escape into, and if there was ever a time for that, it’s now. So come on, pick up these books! You know you want to.

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So many books and so little time to read them. However, your TBR list goes on for eternity so why not add these five new fantasy novels to your list? Who doesn’t love a great new world with so many different possibilities? Fantasy is the perfect genre to escape into, and if there was ever a time for that, it’s now. So come on, pick up these books! You know you want to.


1. Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron


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Cinderella is Dead tells the story of what happened after Cinderella found her prince. 200 years have passed since the fateful night, and since then, teen girls are required to attend the annual ball and the men in the kingdom are to pick from them based on their appearance. The girls who aren’t picked are never heard from again, so when it’s Sophia’s year to attend, she decides to flee the ball. Sophia would prefer to marry Erin, her best friend, and when she runs off, finds herself in Cinderella’s mausoleum, where she meets the most recent descendant of Cinderella and her step sisters. Together, they plot to take down the king, and as they plot, they learn there is a lot more to Cinderella’s fairytale than they thought.



2. The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henderson


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The Year of the Witching follows Immanuelle Moore, whose existence is regarded as a disgrace to her family and her town because her mother slept with a man of a different race. So, in order to save face, Immanuelle does everything she can to worship the father, like all the other women in town. Then, Immanuelle is lured into the Darkwood, the same darkwood the first prophet chased and killed four witches. The spirits of these murdered witches still linger in the woods and they give Immanuelle a journal that once belonged to her deceased mother. As Immanuelle reads the journal she learns secrets about her mother that she never knew, for instance how she dealt with the witches, and also learns some dark truths about the church. There is a threat to Bethal, the land where Immanuelle lives, and in order to get rid of the darkness and bring change, Immanuelle learns that change begins with herself.


3. The Princess will Save You by Sarah Henning


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The Princess Will Save You  tells the story of Princess Amarande, who faces a tough choice. Her father, King Sendoa has recently died and now she has to marry a complete stranger or lose her family’s crown. She’s only sixteen, and her choices are not in her favor. Then the neighboring kingdom kidnaps Princess Amarande’s true love, Luca the stable boy, in order to force her to make a choice. On top of that, her kingdom is about to enter a civil war and she doesn’t have anyone on her side that she can trust. Princess Amarande only has herself to depend on to save her kingdom, and her future.


4. Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust


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Girl, Serpent, Thorn, tells the story of Soraya, who is poison to touch. She has lived a life away from her family, and the only place where she is safe is in the gardens. Her twin brother is about to be married and Soraya is hesitant to attend. Then, Soraya begins to talk to the demon in the dungeon who holds the secret to her freedom, and there is a man above who sees her for who she is underneath all the poison. While Soraya used to know where she belonged, she made choices that led to consequences she never thought possible. Now Soraya doesn’t know if she’s demon or princess.



5. The Damned by Rene Ahdieh


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The Damned is the sequel to The Beautiful. Sebastain Saint Germain is cursed and changed forever, and due to the broken treaty between the Fallen and the Brotherhood, there could be a war between the immortals. All a result of his being in love with Celine, and although she paid a price for loving Bastien, loving her is just as bad. However, Celine is still recovering and her dreams are confusing her. She is also clueless to the fact that she set off a chain of events that could destroy her and also reveal a truth about herself that she isn’t ready to know. On top of that, Celine and Bastien begin to learn about the dangers surrounding them and how their love could tear them apart.


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