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Mark Your Calendars: These Are The Rest of the Literary Holidays for 2017

Book Lovers day is coming up on August 9th. To celebrate accordingly, grab your favorite book do nothing but read, eat, sleep, repeat.


Here are some other bookish holidays that you can celebrate for the rest of 2017!




9th – Book Lovers Day

14th – Color Book Day

15th – National Relaxation Day

17th – National #2 Pencil Day

18th – National Bad Poetry Day

21st – Poet’s Day

28th – International Read Comics in Public Day

30th – Frankenstein Day

31st – We Love Memoirs Day




4th – National Newspaper Carrier Day

6th – Read a Book Day

8th – International Literacy Day

11th – Library Remember Day

13th – Roald Dahl Day

16th – Anne Bradstreet Day

18th – International Read an eBook Day

22nd – Dear Diary Day

23rd – R. E. A. D. in America Day

25th – National Comic Book Day

28th – Read a Child a Book you Like Day




1st – National BOOK It! Day

4th – Random Acts of Poetry Day

5th – National Poetry Day

5th – National Storytelling Day

6th – Mad Hatter Day

11th – Myth and Legends Day

12th – Cookbook Launch Day

13th – English Language Day

16th – Learn a Word Day

16th – Dictionary Day

17th – Black Poetry Day

31st – Books for Treats Day




1st – National Author’s Day

1st – National Family Literacy Day

4th – Book Lovers Day

14th – National Young Readers Day

15th – Day of the Imprisoned Writer

15th – I Love To Write Day




10th – Dewey Decimal System Day

21st – National Short Story Day


Of course, there are other reasons to celebrate, but these are some pretty great dates to put in your calendar for parties, and maybe you can even write it off as a religious holiday.


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