'The Shape of Water'

Love ‘the Shape of Water’? Then You’ll Fall for These Sci-Fi Romance Reads

It’s no secret that The Shape of Water swept this year’s Oscars. It was nominated for, and won, Best Picture, Best Original Musical Score, Best Director, and Best Production Design. The love story that starts with friendship between beauty and beast is a tale as old as time, however this one had a bit of a twist.


A mute woman has the lonely and isolated job of cleaner at an official government facility. However, she soon comes across the lab’s secret: a fish-like creature who lives in a water tank. Soon the two begin to find solace in one another despite the possible ill-fate of the empathetic beast.


What makes this movie so wonderful? Not only is it rich in beautiful  imagery, but you get the beauty of love and friendship rolled into a fantastical story. If you loved The Shape of Water and like your sci-fi with a little sweetness, check out these other-worldly reads:


1. Gabriel’s Ghost by Linnea Sinclair 


'Gabriel's Ghost'

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This interstellar story is about a former captain thrown into isolation who is suddenly offered a ticket to freedom, but it comes at a cost. A ghost from her past needs her help to secure the empire’s safety from a legion of vicious machines. It’s full of action and futuristic passion.


2. Saronna’s Gift by Carmen Webster Buxton


'Saronna's Gift'

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Saronna’s father sells her to an off-world household to be a young man’s companion. Duncan is surprised by his father’s acceptance of Saronna as his wife, since their world doesn’t believe in witches. Will these two opposites dictate their own futures?


3. My Name Is A’yen by Rachael Leigh Smith 


'My Name Is A'Yen'

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A’yen’s entire race has been enslaved ad his life gets even harder when he’s thrown in jail for the murder of his brutal master. When Farran buys him in order to protect her on an expedition in another realm, he finds himself finding out more about his life than he thought. Trust, legacies, love, and truth all rise to the surface.


4. Captive (The Survival Race) by K.M. Fawcett 



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Adventure, romance, and science fiction? Sign us up. This brutal future see aliens using humans to hunt just for sport. Addy is one of the enslaved and soon she comes in contact with a fellow slave, the former alpha gladiator Max. When the two are forced to take part in the barbaric games, they find that they have more power to survive together than apart.


5. After the Garden by Michelle Brown and Kit Foster 


'After the Garden'

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Foggy memories of a past lifetime lead Ember through her gritty dystopian city. Somewhere among the destruction of a lost world lies a group of people just like her. Will she find the love and life she’s been searching for? She’s forced to dig deep through all the moments that brought her to where she is.


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