Looking for an independent, successful woman to idolize?

Hilarious Mindy Kaling graced readers’ presence at BookCon this weekend where she promoted her new book Why Not Me? The author of another collection of humor essays, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), who is also an actor, producer, director—the list goes on and on—got her start on The Office where she played Kelly Kapoor, the business bitch. Since then Kaling’s been extremely successful. Fox just cancelled her show The Mindy Project, and Hulu has already picked it up (thank goodness.) 

(Excuse the blurry images, #iPhoneProblems.)

Throughout B.J. Novak’s interview with Kaling, there was great conversation—which is to be expected since they’re best friends. Mindy let us in on some of the creative process, including how she verbally records some of what she wants to write in order to give her essays the right “voice”. So much happened during the interview and after reading our list of favorites moments, you’ll love her even more! 

Courtesy of Crown Publishing

Favorite Moments

1.) When Novak asked Kaling what some hashtags for her new book would be, she jokingly (we think) responded with: #blessed, #GlammyBookStarLife, #SecondComingOfAge…we all feel you there, Mindy.

2.) When Novak read off some of her new book chapters. Highlights include: “How to Look Spectacular: A Starlet’s Confession”; “Take This Job and Love It”; “Player”; and, “Coming This Fall”

3.) Her first crush was Dana Carvey from SNL Others include Christian Slater and Pierce Brosnan…but not  “James Bond” Brosnan—Sally Field’s boyfriend from Mrs. Doubtfire Pierce Brosnan.

4.) When she gave advice on how to be a good writer: Listen to what others say, and don’t just say what you feel; “To have something to say is very hard and it takes a lifetime of observation”.

5.) Her You’ve Got Mail crush (YES, an amazing fan asked this question) is Dave Chappelle. Other men who rank in her mind from the movie are Tom Hanks, Steve Zahn, and Greg Kinnear.

6.) When Kaling told Novak in regard to her falling for bad boys: “You’re the baddest of the good boys.”

7.) If Kaling were to host SNL she would do an impersonation of the entire cast of Empire—specifically Cookie.

8.) All she wants to do in the next five years is make a good friend (aw!).