4 Hilarious April Fool’s Day Literary Hoaxes!

It’s April Fools Day, and you know what that means? Yes, it’s time to dive deep into the pool of literary hoaxes and have some fun, while being educated along the way!


1. Fifty Shades of Grey Toilet Paper


50 Shade of Grey toilet paper



That’s right folks, toilet paper. In 2013, the Daily Mail reported that Asda supermarket in the U.K. made a deal with author E.L. James to produce toilet paper inspired by her phenomenally successful erotic fiction. Each square of the roll would be a different shade of grey, and would bear the names of the lead character’s traits like Christian Grey— ‘enigmatic’ or ‘obsessive.’


2. Getting Real with Sherlock Holmes


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According to Hoaxes.org, The London Times published an article purporting to reveal secrets about the private life of Sherlock Holmes, said to have been discovered among papers belonging to Holmes’s doctor. The allegations included the ‘fact’ that Holmes’s arch enemy Professor Moriarty was nothing but “a figment of the detective’s imagination, distorted by stress and despair and by a burning desire to ‘punish’ Watson for what Holmes saw as his disloyalty.”


3. Happy April Fools Day from Chaucer in 1392!




Chaucer’s “Nun Priest’s Tale” is about a vain cock, Chauntecleer, who falls for a fox’s tricks, and is almost eaten. In the tale appear the lines:


When that the monthe in which the world bigan
That highte March, whan God first maked man,
Was complet, and passed were also
Syn March bigan thritty dayes and two


Scholars believe that this is a reference to April 1st, as thirty-two days “Syn March bigan” (since March began) would be April 1st. The “Nun Priest’s Tale” may be the earliest reference of April Fools Day we have yet in literary history, scholars have speculated if it were to be true, which I think it was!


4. Shakespeare was French?


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BBC Radio 4 ran a segment reporting that a locket owned by Shakespeare’s mother had been unearthed during an excavation at his home in Stratford-Upon-Avon, meaning that both he and his mother were actually French!

he French Culture Minister who said, “We are delighted to learn that Shakespeare was French… We are looking into how to honor the great playwrights. Of course, we have Racine and Molière, but we will make some room for him in our national pantheon of literature.”


Check out more of these hoaxes on Hoaxes.org! Happy April Fools Day!


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