Kick Off March with These YA Titles

A new month means new novels to look forward to. These YA titles are just vying for a spot on your TBR and what a wide selection of novels they are.

  1. “Of Curses and Kisses” by Sandhya Menon

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Of Curses and Kisses follows two young royals at a boarding school, Princess Jaya Rao and Lordship Grey Emerson. The Raos and Emersons have a longstanding feud, and when the Emersons threaten to target Jaya’s little sister, Jaya must get revenge and what better revenge than to make Grey fall in love with her so she can break his heart. Grey, on the other hand, hates interactions with other human beings and he’s used to an isolated life but when Jaya works her magic, they begin to communicate. However, Jaya’s plan to hurt Grey doesn’t work out so well when she begins to fall for him herself. Grey on the other hand doesn’t trust Jaya completely, he is struck by the ruby pendant she wears. Now the two together must figure out if they’re destined for their own happy ending.

2. “THe King of Crows” by Libba Bray

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The King of Crows is the final book in the Diviners series. In the previous novel, the Diviners lose one of their own and are about to begin a war with the King of Crows. Isaiah receives a vision from someone named Sara Beth who knows how to stop the King of Crows, and she needs the diviners help to stop them. Jericho knows the truth to the Kings of Crows plans and he just managed to escape from the Marlowe’s estate, so now the diviners have to travel to Nebraska to get Sarah Beth’s help to stop the King of Crows. However, hope dwindles when towns start to become ghost towns, and now the diviners must really band together to save the world.


3. “Yes No Maybe So” by Becky Albertali and Aisha Saeed

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Yes No Maybe So follows two teenagers, Maya and Jamie, who are volunteering with the local state senate. Jamie wants to work behind the scenes of the campaign, but he has to go door to door to get votes and that is nerve racking for him. He gets choked up talking to literally anyone, but then Maya comes along. Maya is going through a lot; her parents are divorcing, her summer trip is cancelled, and her best friend doesn’t have time for her. So, her Ramadan isn’t going like she planned. She is helping with the senate race because her mom thinks it’s a good idea. Now she is subjected to spending time with Jamie, whom she hardly knows. Of course, working together every day lights a spark between the two, and the polls are getting closer, but the biggest issue is the cross cultural romance between Jamie and Maya.

4. “The Gravity of Us” by Phil Stamper

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The Gravity of Us follows Cal, whose dad is a pilot and just got a job with NASA for a mission to Mars. The job is going to be highly publicized and with Cal’s social media presence of half a million followers, he is used to being in the eyes of the public. However, his family now have to move from Brooklyn to Houston. There, Cal meets Leon, who just so happens to be another ‘astro’ kid. Their connection grows as the NASA mission continues, and when Cal learns a secret about the mission, he must decide how to tell the truth without hurting the people he cares about.

5. “The Upside of Falling” by Alex Light

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The Upside of Falling follows Becca Hart, who lies to her ex best friend about being in a relationship after she teases her for not having a boyfriend. Lucky for Becca, Brett Wells, captain of the football team and one of the most popular people in school, overhears the lie and decides to step in and be her boyfriend. Brett has always been more concerned with his future than being in a relationship but pretend dating Becca is just what he might need. However, being in a relationship with someone you barely know is hard, Becca is dealing with past chaos and Brett is dealing with similar chaos now, and that just might be enough to get these two connect and realize that they have more in common than they both thought. The question is: will this pretend relationship breed real feelings?


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