It’s a Great day to Read YA

A brand new week is filled with new possiblites and new books. These five new books are ones you don’t want to miss. YA novels are always filled with new and unique characters that have a unique story to tell and these five novels don’t disappoint.


  1. The Code for Love and Heartbreak by Jillian Cantor

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The Code for Love and Heartbreak, is about math genius Emma Woodhouse, who prefers numbers over people. People let you down, just like Izzy, Emma’s sister, who moved to California for college, but numbers are something she can always depend on. When her senior year starts, Emma and her co-president of the coding club, George, work together to create an app called The Code for Love. It’s a matching making app and it uses algorithms to match people with the right person. George, isn’t a fan of the app, and he believes Emma is just meddling in other people’s lives but Emma knows her app is pefect, all the couples that have used the app are happy. Unfortunately, the couples start breaking up and the wrong people start falling for each other. Emma thought her math was right, she thought math could solve everything, but what Emma doesn’t realize is, love is unpredictable.

2. Charming as a Verb by Ben Philippe

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Charming as a Verb, is about Henri Haltiwanger, popular student at FATE academy. Henri is also the star debater at his school, the neighborhood dog walker, and a first generation haitian. Everyone falls for Henri’s charms, except for Corinne Troy, his neighbor and classmate. Corinne, learns the truth behind Henri’s dog walking business, and decides to use it as blackmail and gets Henri to help her change her image. Henri agrees to help her and sees how this could work out well for both of them. This deal they make turn into something more than either one of them thought possible.

3. Five Total Strangers by Natelie D. Richards

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Five Total Strangers, tells the story of Mira, who is desperately trying to get home for christmas to be with her mother. Their family is dealing with a recent death, but the blizzard in Pittsburgh is preventing Mira from being home with her mom. So, Mira decides to catch a ride with some college kids that were supposed to be on her flight. However, Mira soon realizes that no one in the car actually knows each other. So, now not only are they dealing with driving in the blizzard but someone in the car is making sure this trip ends deadly.

4. This is All Your Fault by Aminah Mae Safi

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This is All Your Fault, is about three bookstore workers, Rinn Olivera, Daniella Korres, and Imogen Azar. Rinn, is finally going to tell her crush how she feels, Imogen, just wants the day to be over and Daniella, is a poet. On the first day of summer, the girls expect a normal day at work, but they soon learn that the store is about to close. Now the girls are going to band together to save the store, and deal with a diva author, new air jordans and shaved heads. They have no choice but to work together.

5. Together, Apart by Erin A. Craig

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Together, Apart, is a short story collection of love stories. The stories are set during the coronavirus, featuring stories from these authors, Erin. A Craig, Natasha Preston, Brittney Morris, Rachel Lippincott, Erin Hahn, Auriane Desombre, Bill Konigsberg, and Sajni Patel. All of the stories are about finding love during the pandemic in unexptected places.


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