Interesting Hobbies We Do When We’re Not Reading

Put down your books and get crafty! The Bookstr team shares their pastimes outside of reading. Keep reading to learn about our favorite hobbies.

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Cartoon graphics of a young woman painting, a gaming headset, and a young woman performing embroidery, on a coral background featuring origami and and a pair of scissors.

Don’t get us wrong, we love to waste away with a good book, but sometimes, life is actually entertaining in areas other than reading. No, really. It’s true. Here are some hobbies the Bookstr team practices when we’re not nose-deep in a book.

Crafts — All of Them!

Handmade bookmarks scattered among craft materials, including notebooks, coloring pencils, and scissors, on a pastel yellow surface.

My ADHD comes in the form of hyperfixation. This includes what I read, so my current genre fixation is omegaverse romance. I love to learn about everything, especially when I come across something I don’t know anything about or know how to do. I also absolutely love to craft (my garage is its own Hobby Lobby). Currently, my crafting fixation is on bookmarks — but I just recently saw a how-to video on bookbinding, so I have a feeling I’m going to be turning my paperbacks into one-of-a-kind hardbacks very soon.

Kristi Eskew, Editorial

Going On Walks

Blond woman in a hooded sweater and headphones facing a sidewalk among trees.

I love going on long walks, especially now that the weather is getting nicer! I’ll usually walk for an hour or two and listen to a podcast. I like all sorts of podcast genres, from pop culture to film and TV to writing and publishing, but recently I’ve been getting really interested in fiction podcasts. My latest obsession is a sci-fi horror show called Derelict. The show’s first season, entitled Fathom, is about an enigmatic artifact discovered at the bottom of the ocean and the crew of scientists who discover its world-altering secrets. The story is immersive, suspenseful, and engaging — everything I want out of an audio drama!

Lauren Nee, Editorial


Watercolor painting of flowers next to a used palette and two brushes.

Though writing takes up most of the space in my heart, art will always be my best friend. I feel most calm when I am painting or drawing. Exploring the plethora of possibilities and the simplicity in the act itself takes the pressures of the day off me in a way nothing else can. It is something I can always fall back on and need to make more time for.

Kennedi Cutliff, Editorial

Drawing and Design

I usually work on my silly cat Webtoon, Rainbow Cat. They’re little short comic strips I do for fun. I love to draw and make people laugh. I’m also a graphic designer, so I create content for my social media pages and join branding challenges. Anything creative gives me peace.

Talya Golian, Graphics

Gaming With Friends or Designing

Close-up of a PlayStation 1 game console on a white surface.

I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember! I’ve owned consoles/systems belonging to Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox since the early 2000s before I decided to settle down with the PlayStation once the PS4 came around. Most of my nights consist of playing solo on the PS5 or alongside my main group of my favorite people! I also like to make use of my father’s Cricut machine and create simple shirt designs based on video games or shows I’ve seen. As of right now, I’m planning and designing page templates for a personal reading journal.

Jaiden Cruz, Graphics

Walking in the Forest Preserves and Making Candles

A young woman in athleisure walking down a road with heavy vegetation, partially illuminated by sunlight.

When I am not reading, I love to be outside — especially when the weather is nice. We have beautiful forest preserves, and I love to walk in them and hear nature around me. Walking meditations give me peace, and I feel closer to God when I am in nature. I also learned how to make candles and wax melts. It’s fun to create different scents and experiment. I have recently wanted to learn to be more crafty. I want to make journals, affirmation cards, and jewelry too!

Jazmine Butler, Social


During quarantine, when I was not reading, I took up the hobby of embroidery. I would get kits that come with everything I needed on Amazon and finish them in a couple of days. This craft was one of my favorite things to do during the pandemic, and I recently picked it up again! There is even a way for me to combine reading and embroidery. There is an account that I follow on Instagram that embroiders the covers of her favorite books, and I want to try my hand at that! Her account is @novelsandthread and I love it!

Corinne Vergari, Social

Video Games All the Way

Covers of volumes one and two of the "Disney Twisted-Wonderland" manga by Yana Toboso, surrounded by playing cards on a white background.

I have always loved to play video games ever since I was a kid. I enjoy them because I feel like I have been transported into a different world, and it makes me happy. Whether I’m exploring in Genshin Impact or saving the world in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, I have lots of fun. The game I am currently playing is Disney Twisted-Wonderland. I enjoy this game because of the story, music, settings, and the characters. Plus, it’s Disney, and as a Disney fan, I gotta play it. I am such a big fan of Twisted-Wonderland that I already own the first two manga volumes. I can’t wait for more.

Yesenia Maldonado, Graphics

Writing and Playing Video Games

Close-up of two people holding video game controllers in front of a blurred living room setting, with a large TV, bookshelves, and blue and purple lounge chairs.

I have loved both since I was a little girl. Writing was a way to express myself when I didn’t know how to verbalize my feelings. Video games were something my siblings, my mom, and I all did together, and they’re some of the best memories I have. Reading about grand adventures and love is wonderful, but I also enjoy getting to create those experiences and live them through a character in a game. I love the freedom that writing and video games give, where I can decide exactly how things progress.

Danielle Tomlinson, Editorial

These are some of our pastimes outside of our bookish endeavors. Every so often, it’s nice to pause a book and fulfill our other passions. Besides, a good story can inspire great creativity. But if you’ll excuse us, we’d like to get back to reading now, thanks.

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