If Stranded on an Island with Just One Book…

We asked our audience one of the most difficult questions for any bookworm to answer: If stranded on a desert island and you’re only allowed to have one book…which book would it be? The answers were incredibly thought out and kind of morbid. One of the overwhelming themes throughout all answers was that, unsurprisingly, picking just one book is nearly impossible. 



1) Jessica MosleyMy Kindle. It’s only one book, right? ???? No one said the contents had to be just one book. Although, my kindle would die after a few days. Deserted Islands have electricity, right? Or maybe I can find a solar powered Kindle…???? 


2) Glen Seeber“How to Build a Boat from Scratch” … stranded, remember? 


3) Qurat Ul Ain MehdiA book on how to live/survive on an island. Who would give up a good opportunity to live carelessly on a deserted island and be the sole owner? And maybe harry potter and the deathly hallows with that book


4) PatandJerry Martes-Upton: How to get over your fear of water and swim!


5) Rick Hoelzer: The Oxford English Dictionary of course. Defines all words in the English language. If I had that, I could write my own books. Forever.


6) Osvaldo Alderete: Love in the times of cholera. I can fish, hunt, build a fire and shelter. But I need to keep my heart alive with my favorite book.


7) Becky Villarreal JonesThe book thief or a man called ove….or …or…or oorrrr…lol…ok ..I can’t choose!


8) BA Marshall: One?? What kind of anarchy is this????


9) @picazza71: I’d just drown myself. I can’t have just one book.


10) John Kearns: That’s like asking, “If you have one breath left to take, what air are you going to breathe.”


11) Amy BarnardReading all these comments just reminds me of how many books there are I still want/need to read and how little time I have to do it!


12) Hugo Scott: “How to escape the desert using only a book about escaping the desert” – The book


13) Corrie BraseMaybe Grimm’s Fairytales so I could have lots of stories. Or a compilation of Sherlock Holmes stories.


14) Srushti VictorA blank book! So I could write one! (What a good place to write a book!) 🙂


15) Becky RhynoFacebook – then I’d message someone to come get me 🙂


16) Karina CalderónOne Hundred Years of Solitude.


17) Tabi JozwickOnly one book? I need a freaking library


18) Angela CicconeAn enchanted book that turns into any other book I want it to be.


19) Philip WebbHow to attract sea turtles


20) Michelle MarieDoes a kindle count or is that cheating??


A ton of people also mentioned the Bible, the Quran, Robinson Crusoe, Outlander and Harry Potter!


*Some comments have been altered due to spelling and grammar*




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