How To Help the Black Lives Matter Movement

During a time of high racial tensions in America, Americans are starting to refuse to ignore the centuries of systematic racial inequality. This moment in history will definitely be one for the history books to say the least. It’s so important to read up on the movement, and support black authors and artists in the process. Beyond reading, what can you do? One great way to help is to donate when you can.

Many people (including myself) want to donate to organizations that’ll help communities and causes in need. Black lives matter isn’t a trend, we must keep discussing it and have real dialogue if we hope for a better world. So here are some great places to donate to:

  •  National Bail Fund Directory-A comprehensive list of national and regional bail funds for protestors across the country. Click here to see the national registry to help protestors around the US. Click here for NYC’s Action Bail Fund.
  • Victim Memorial Funds-Donating to the families who lost loved ones to police brutality or racist attacks, is definitely appreciated and always welcomed. Say their names and help out if you can. Justice for Breonna Taylor, I Run With Maud, Gianna Floyd Fund, David McAtee Memorial Fund, Tony Mcdade Memorial Fund, James Scurlock Memorial Fund, George Floyd Memorial Fund.
Image via Time out


  • Black LGBT Funds– The LGBTQ+ community is a community that isn’t new to discrimination, hate crimes or insensitivity. However black youth within the LGBTQ+ community face various obstacles and are extremely vulnerable. Look to Black Trans Travel Fund (NYC), Homeless Black Trans Women Fund (Atlanta), Third Wave Fund, The Marsha P. Johnson Institute, Brave Space Alliance.
  • Police Reform– Donations will go toward police reform initiatives, including efforts to redistribute police funding to other social services. Equality For Flatbush (Brooklyn, NY), Campaign Zero, The National Police Accountability Project, Communities United for Police Reform, Communities United Against Police Brutality.

These aren’t all the funds out there, but these organizations are a great place to start; any amount can truly make a difference.

feature image via Children’s Book Review