Great Board Books for Discerning Babies

Here’s a list of lovely baby books for the tiny human in your life!

A tiny cluster of adorably fluffy baby penguins

Sometimes it’s challenging choosing books for the tiny people in your life, but I’ve done it, so you can profit from my research. Here’s a list of lovely baby books I got my tiny niece. I read the reviews so you don’t have to, and my niece may be small, but she likes books!


Little Scientist Board Book Set

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It’s never too early to explain physics to your child! (and astronomy and chemistry and earth science). The illustrations are cute and brightly colored, and the topics are simple enough for little ones to understand. I mean, my niece isn’t one yet, so she just likes that the pages move, but I still call it a win.



Little Feminist Board Book Set

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A girl is never too young to learn about Frida Kahlo and Marie Curie. Or a boy! Feminist history is good for everyone. The content is a little flimsy, because it’s for tiny children, but it introduces the names of famous women in history, and even though it has some weird reviews, again, my nice isn’t even a year old. The very basics are just fine. And they’re so cute!



Little Traveler Board Book Set

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Introduce the baby in your life to global sites, creatures, and cuisine. This series is especially appropriate for my niece, since she was trying to fight sushi out of my chopsticks at six months old. I can only imagine what will happen when she finds out about tacos. She’s a determined one.



Touch Think Learn 1 2 3, A B C, Colors

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Colors, patterns, and textures! Introduce the discerning child to an engaging learning experience. My niece is bored VERY easily, I can attest, but she likes these books. There’s so much for her little hands to do and her tiny, brilliant brain to take in. With these three (and more), she’s ready for anything.

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