Get Lit With These 8 Literary Jack-O-Lantern Designs!

‘Tis the season to carve pumpkins! The time is now to go out, pick that perfect pumpkin, and bring it home for a good old-fashioned carving. It’s tradition and it must be done.


I can recall days of long drives to a crowded farm and trying to pick a pumpkin worthy of being dug into. Either they were shaped funny or broken. Even when we brought a decent one home my mother wouldn’t let me carve it with a knife because I was too young to handle sharp objects. So this year I may be joining all my fellow book kin with this one. I’ve got eight literary-themed jack-o-lanterns both easy and expert level (in my opinion), if you’re up for a challenge.


Simplify ’em, make them crazy, do as you please. Just get inspired.


1. Alice in Wonderland


'Alice in Wonderland'

Image Via Northstory and Pinterest


2. Harry Potter


Harry Potter

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3. Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven


'The Raven'

Images Via AbeBooks and Pinterest


4. Game of Thrones


'Game of Thrones'

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5. Where The Wild Things Are


'Where The Wild Things Are'

Images Via NPR and Pinterest


6. The Hunger Games


'The Hunger Games

Image Via Pinterest and Clevver


7. Winnie The Pooh


'Winnie The Pooh'

Images Via Fatherhood Etc. and Pinterest



8. Dr. Seuss


Dr. Suess

Image Via BookBub Blog and Pinterest


These are only a few of the fun designs you can carve out and make yourself. Keep it simple if you want or be the one to impress all your friends. They’ll be talking about your carving skills all night long. Also, my mother would like all the pumpkin-carving youngsters out there to know: stay away from sharp objects. Stay spooky, my friends.


Feature Image Via Thought Co.