Game of Thrones-Themed Adoption Events — Furr-ever Homes are Coming!

This weekend, rescue organizations and shelters across the country are kicking off HBO’s Game of Thrones finale with GoT-themed pet adoption events. Though the Humane Society and even one actor from Game of Thrones want to caution potential adopters against bringing home animals whose care they cannot afford or breeds with which they are not familiar, enthusiasm for the action-packed fantasy saga has helped drum up support and awareness for animals in need. It doesn’t hurt that four shelters in the Atlanta metro area are offering free adoptions so owners can watch the hit series with a new friend who won’t reveal any spoilers.



Where else can you get involved this weekend?


  1. Mishawaka, Indiana — For the Homes  

The Humane Society of St. Joseph County is offering waived and/or discounted fees in exchange for food donations.


2. Austin, Texas — Game of Homes

The Austin Animal Center will pair up with a local medieval arts performance group, the Society for Creative Anachronism, to encourage potential adopters and community members so spend time outside with available dogs and support local artists.


3. Chicago, Illinois — Game of Bones

Animal Care and Control of Chicago wants to showcase the lovable dogs that have been at their shelter the longest by waiving adoption fees.


4. Red Bluff, California — Game of Homes

The Tehama County Animal Care Center, which will be offering discounted adoption fees this weekend, urges potential adopters to reflect on ideas of “home” throughout the narratives of Game of Thrones. Just like the citizens of Westeros, many of the shelter’s dogs have been homeless, on the run, scared, or abused — and they deserve a safe harbor.



For more information on volunteering in your community, check out the social media pages of your local city shelter or Humane Society chapter, or check in with local rescue organizations.


Featured Image Via Pixabay.