Free Author Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now

Just because we love books, doesn’t mean we don’t love movies. The lives of great writers are just as interesting as the books they write, but it’s not so easy to get your hands on a good documentary. Libraries provide us with free reading material, but rental DVDs are pretty out of style. Lucky for us, there are some excellent online, legal, services that provide us with author documentaries you can watch right now. 

You can thank us later.

1) F. Scott Fitzgerald






2) Edgar Allan Poe 


3) Ernest Hemingway


4) Hunter S. Thompson


5) George R.R. Martin

Wall Street Journal:



6) J.K. Rowling




7) Virginia Woolf


8) Sylvia Plath


9) The Brothers Grimm


10) Maurice Sendak

1966 interview:


NY Times: 


11) Theodor Geisel 


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