Five Reasons to Embrace Your Inner Geek

Now geek culture is cool culture. Today is ‘Embrace Your Inner Geek Day,’ so here are five reasons to embrace that inner geek.

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The geek shall inherit the earth. We’ve come a long way from being pushed into lockers and given wedgies by jocks. Now geek culture is cool culture. There’s ‘geek chic,’ superhero popularity, and the concept of fandom itself. Today is ‘Embrace Your Inner Geek Day,’ so here are five reasons to embrace that inner geek.


5. Different Perspectives and Knowledge

Geeks have intimate knowledge of even the most niche topics, and collaboration between people with different skills and knowledge will gift the world in so many ways. Big Think expert and theoretical physicist Brian Greene certainly thinks so, particularly with science geeks and art nerds. “When these two communities come together and allow the underlying insights of science to inform the poetry of art, then there’s some wonderful things that can emerge. Because at the end of the day these disciplines are not separate. These disciplines are all part of humankind’s search for understanding.”


4. Technologically Savvy

Technology is king, and those who know and control it are kings themselves. We place value on those who can work with computers, it’s a major skill to have in the workforce. Technology advances every single day, and people need someone to keep up with it as well. You’re way ahead of the curve.


3. Geek is Great

I did mention this before, but geek has lost almost all negative stigma. According to Big Think Edge:

  • 41% of people are fine with being identified as a geek;
  • 45% of people think that geeks equate to being early technology adopters; and
  • 66% of millennials view the term geek as a compliment.


2. “I Wish That I Could (Not) Be Like the Cool Kids.”

This one is a bit on the darker side, but a 2014 study showed that “cool kids,” were 45% more likely to get caught up in criminal behavior. The results of the study seemed to favor the hypothesis. “Early adolescent pseudomature behavior predicted long‐term difficulties in close relationships, as well as significant problems with alcohol and substance use, and elevated levels of criminal behavior.”


1. Connotations of Intelligence and Success

What used to be a connotation of antisocial and ‘not cool’ behavior has now become smart and successful. Every successful inventor or CEO has a geek personality or tendencies that feeds into inner passion and drive to become successful. Bill Gates is a geek and look where he is now. Intelligence begets success. Success begets power and influence. Seems to me that embracing your inner geek is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Featured image Via Ayesh Rathnayake