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Twihards, tweens at heart, and undercover Twilight fans rejoice today is a happy day; the third movie in the beloved franchise, Eclipse turns ten today! Where does the time go? Doesn’t it feel like yesterday we were stocking up Team Edward merchandise at Hot Topic? No, just me? Got it. Not only am I willing to debate that Eclipse is the best book in the Twilight Saga, but it’s definitely a contender for the title of the best movie (the proof is in the pudding people). The perfect balance of action, romance, and character backstories (looking at you Rosalie)! So what a better way to celebrate a tenth birthday, then looking back on the reasons we love Eclipse so much? Let’s begin!

1. Training Scene

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Honestly, there’s just something about this scene that I love so much; every time I watch the movie I always look forward to watching it! Seeing the Cullens train and ‘play fight’ gave my tween heart a rush of adrenaline I didn’t know I needed. Am I the only one that wanted Rosalie to battle Edward instead of Jasper, given their history? Again, just me? Plus knowing that Taylor was wearing a gray latex onesie for his scene with Kristen that followed made this one even sweeter (and funnier)!

2. Rosalie’s Backstory

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If this isn’t one of your favorite scenes from the movie, we didn’t see the same movie. Throughout Twilight and New Moon I’d admit I wasn’t Rosalie’s number one fan (she was giving major mean girl energy). But after hearing her backstory and her brutal sexual assault; fans started to understand her complexities. Her point of view became clearer and she quickly shined in this movie.

3. Heartfelt Proposal

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I’m no longer a tween and this scene still makes my heart race; a lot of times when a book is adapted to the screen some things get lost, but this scene was everything I envisioned and more in my head while reading. Even though I love this scene for being pretty steamy, I really adore Edward’s sweet proposal. From using his Mom’s ring to mentioning how he would’ve court Bella in his mortal life. If anyone needs me I’ll be swooning.

4. Tent Scene

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I’ll say it: I think this is my favorite scene in the entire movie (and book). Please don’t stop reading and hear me out! In Bella’s short catnap (I’m pretty sure she subconsciously heard everything) Jacob and Edward actually had a heart to heart. They expressed how they honestly felt about each other and about the girl they’ve been fighting over. It’s here we see they would make amazing friends, if they weren’t in love with the same girl and natural enemies.  Plus Jacob telling Edward ‘I’m hotter than you’ is iconic.

5. The Big Battle

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When I had learned Bryce Dallas Howard was taking the role of Victoria from Rachelle Lefevre, I was worried at first. Until I saw her in the big fight scene and that’s the moment where I became a fan of hers. Neither Bryce nor Robert held anything back and it was a wonderful ending for a wonderful antagonist. The action scenes in Eclipse were amazing and this one didn’t disappoint. If I got a standalone Victoria novel, my life would be complete.

6. The Official Battle

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Okay the actual battle was incredible too; werewolves, newborn vampire army, and amazing action? That’s perfection. There were so many nuggets such as Emmett and Paul’s silent truce during the battle, Alice’s mind-blowing backflip, or the Cullens saving poor Bree Tanner (major side-eye Jane). Plus Jacob sacrificing himself for Leah costing him to break half of the bones in his body, the waterworks were flowing people.

I love Eclipse so much and I can’t believe it’s turning 10! What’s your favorite scene from the movie?

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