Fall in Love with These Great New Romance Reads

Unique love stories, with beautifully crafted characters. I know I can’t wait to read them.

A new week means new books to add to your TBR. The romance novels on this list are ones you’re not going to want to miss out on. Unique love stories, with beautifully crafted characters. I know I can’t wait to read them.

1. You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle

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You Deserve Each Other tells the story of Naomi Westfield, and how she is about to marry the perfect man, Nicholas Rose. Unfortunately, despite how sweet Nicholas is, Naomi can’t stand him. Nicholas feels the same way about her, but whoever pulls the plug on their engagement gets stuck with the nonrefundable wedding bill. So, now it’s war, a prank war, filled with emotions and sabotage, to see who will call it quits first. However, as the prank war continues, and their wedding date draws near, their feelings for each other grow.



2. The Best LaId Plans by Cameron Lund

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The Best Laid Plans follows the story of Keely, who is more than ready to lose her virginity, but only because the only other virgin in her friend group lost it, and on her birthday. So now Keely is more determined than ever to have sex, but she just doesn’t want it to be with just anyone. She wants her first time to be special, with someone she loves and trusts. Unfortunately, she’s known all the boys in her high school since their crayon eating days in kindergarten. Then she meets Dean, a new boy in town, but the only issue with Dean is that he’s in college. She can’t let him figure out how inexperienced she is, so she asks her best friend Andrew to show her the ropes before she and Dean move forward in their relationship. The only way this will work is if Andrew and Keely keep their relationship strictly platonic, but that soon becomes an issue.

3. Gone Girl Viral by Alisha Rai

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Gone Girl Viral tells the story of Katrina King, and how an innocent conversation at a coffee shop forces her to hideout from the world. Someone at the coffee shop recorded the whole encounter and made it in to a meet cute situation with a hashtag, #CafeBae. Katrina wants to keep a low profile and now that she’s viral, it’s ruining the peaceful world she’s built around herself. It also doesn’t help that the man at the cafe isn’t who she wants. She wants her bodyguard, Jas, and he takes her away to his family home to keep her hidden until this blows over. Katrina is head-over-heels attracted to Jas, and being alone with him is the perfect set up. She doesn’t trust her instincts when it comes to love, even though Jas is making it clear he wants to be more than just her bodyguard.



4. Island Affair by Priscilla Oliveras

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Island Affair follows Sarah Vance,  a big social media influencer. Sara is just recovering from an eating disorder and about to go on a Florida vacation with her family, a trip that she isn’t looking forward to. Her siblings have the perfect spouses and they always make her feel left out, and to make matters worse, her boyfriend doesn’t show up, so she recruits Louis, a firefighter paramedic to be her fiancé. Luis and his Cuban family have been in Key West for generations and even though he has a laid back personality, he was hurt by a bad betrayal, but still helps people when they need him. Sara and Louis become fully immersed in their fake love story, and enjoy some family fun and some romance, stolen kisses included. Soon,  Sara will have to go back home, but will her island romance last?


5. Time Of Our Lives by Emily Wibberley

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Time Of Our Lives tells the story of Fitz and Juniper, who are about to start college. Fitz doesn’t want to leave his mom who has early-on set Alzheimers. He’s made a vow to stay close to home and take care of her in the upcoming years as the disease begins to take her memories. Then there is Juniper, who wants nothing more than to escape her big family and go to college as far away as possible. Juniper and Fitz end up crossing paths on a college tour in Boston, and at first their encounter causes tension. Fitz is dealing with the sacrifices he’s making for his family and Juniper is ready to just start afresh, and eventually the two build a deep connection , and looking into each other’s eyes gives themselves a glimpse into what their future will look like.



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