Fabulous New YA Titles

Who doesn’t love a good Young Adult read? Go ahead and get your hands on these books.

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Come and get your new books! Isn’t it a great week to pick up some new YA? The best thing about YA novels is how welcoming and relatable they are. They speak to your inner teen and they tackle important topics that are relevant to today’s society. Who doesn’t love a good YA read? Go ahead and get your hands on these books.

1. This is my America by Kim Johnson


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This is my America tells the story of young teenage girl Tracey Beaumont, who for the past seven years have been writing letters to an organization called Innocence X. Tracey is writing to get help for her father who is on death row, and time is running out because in 267 days his time is up. Then, to make matters worse, her older brother and track star Jamal, is arrested for killing a white girl. Now, Tracey has to prove his innocence and figure out what really happened with her brother. While doing this, Tracey and her family begin to see their Texas small town hasn’t changed much. The town’s racist history is repeating in the present.



2. Today Tomorrow Tonight by Rachel Lynn Solomon

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Today Tomorrow Tonight follows the story of two high school rivals, Rowan Roth and Neil McNair. Rowan and Neil have gone head to head all throughout their four years in high school. From test scores to gym class, and now that Rowan is set on beating him one last time, Neil is crowned Valedictorian. So, Rowan’s last chance at beating him is the senior game called Howl, that takes them all over Seattle, but then they learn the rest of the senior class is out to get them. They team up to beat them until they’re the last two standing, and then they will battle it out. However, as Rowan and Neil spend time together, Rowan learns there is more to Neil than she thought and he might just be the boy of her dreams.


3. I Kissed Alice by Anna Birch


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I Kissed Alice tells the story of two artistic girls, Rhodes and Iliana, who can’t stand each other. Rhodes attends the Alabama Conservatory of the Arts, but at the moment she’s experiencing a block in her creativity. Then, when Iliana joins the school and dazzles everyone with her great work ethic, she becomes competition for Rhodes since both of them want the Capstone Scholarship. Both girls are feeling the pressure of the competition between them and to escape from the stress they get lost in their favorite fanfic site. Unbeknownst to either one of them, they start a graphic novel together and they even start falling for each other.  As far as they know, online they are I-Kissed-Alice and Curious-in-Chesire, not Rhodes and Iliana, so what happens when the true identities are revealed?



4. More Than Maybe by Erin Hahn


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More Than Maybe follows two teens, Luke Greenwell and Vada Carswell. Luke grew up in the spotlight because of his rockstar dad, but prefers to write songs and and his podcast that he does with his twin brother Cullen, who he just so happens to be jealous of because he has a long term boyfriend while he’s pinning after Vada. Vada is a music blogger and has a five year plan that is already sorting itself out, she’s been accepted into the school of her dreams, Berkeley’s music journalism program, and she secured a job at the Loud Lizard to learn from Phil Josephs who is a local legend and her mom’s boyfriend. Now the only things left on her list is to get a Rolling Stone internship and manage Ann Arbor’s summer concert. As far as Luke is concerned, he is not on her list, even though she does find him charming and when Luke sings a song about a girl he likes, she can’t help but wish the song is about her.


5. The Mall by Megan McCafferty


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The Mall tells the story of Casey Worthy, having just graduated high school. The year is 1991, and this novel has the best of the 90s, from scrunchies to 90210, and Casey can’t wait to start working at Parkway Center Mall. In just six weeks, she will be going with her boyfriend to New York, to start her great life. However, everything you plan doesn’t always work out the way you want it to, and while Casey works at the mall she finds love, friendship, and mostly importantly, herself.

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