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Explore Mount Fuji This Afternoon

Find yourself with some free time? Always wanted to visit Japan? Travel the world from isolation, then start here – a collection of Japanese museums and cultural sites in which to immerse yourself.


Kyoto National Museum

Image of the Kyoto National Museum home page

The Kyoto National Museum is dedicated to research and preservation, as well as displaying historical masterpieces to the public. The museum was first an imperial gift, but is now a public institution, and has gorgeous exhibitions in a range of media, as well as extensive gardens. You know how much we like immersion, so here’s a link to a Japanese garden ambiance recording. Enjoy.


Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

Image of the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum home page

The museum exhibits an extensive collection of Japanese works, and also an impressive array of eastern and western works, and a noteworthy collection of European oil paintings, spanning centuries. The museum’s motto is “A museum creating bridges around the world,” and they live up to this through borrowing and lending. When non-virtual tours become an option, check a more local museum for loans from the collection, if a physical visit seems too far.


Mount Fuji 

Image of Mount Fuji on a website called Matcha featuring a virtual tour of the mountain

Fuji museum not enough? Visit the mountain itself, navigating the mountainside by several routes, and taking in the breathtaking (virtual) views. Recuperate from your climb by recreating one of the hot springs in the mountain’s foothills. The temperature should be around 104 Fahrenheit, and though you can’t exactly simulate the mineral content of a hot spring at home, some epsom salts, aromatherapy, or a bath bomb couldn’t go amiss. Maybe cherry blossom scented?


National Museum of Nature and Science 

Image of the Japanese National Museum of nature and science home page

Like ancient skeletons? As spoiled as I am by the AMNH here in New York, there are always fascinating things to be seen at foreign science museums. I’m personally partial to extinct fauna, and each location has native specimens of immense interest. There’s also the lens, even in translation. Each culture views history, science, and nature differently, and this is apparent in museum labels. Or just look at some dinos. Only good options.


Tokyo National Museum of Emerging Science

Image of the Japanese National Museum of Emerging Science home page

Some of the museum’s more immersive exhibits may lose their charm in a virtual setting, but this is a modern museum, and they have plenty of virtual content as well. Explore earth, space, and the future as well as some delightfully animated videos about a dog named Fill, for younger science enthusiasts. The museum even has an app!



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