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Everything You Need to Know about Wanda and Vision’s Twins

If you’ve watched episode 3 of WandaVision, finally fans of all generations can rejoice and say the twins are here! Fans of the comics have been eagerly awaiting this moment and to see it play out, in the zany world of WandaVision feels perfect. Not only will this benefit the plot for WandaVision, but it’s laying out the foundation for phase four of the MCU; alluding to the highly anticipated Young Avengers. We’re being fed people. So let’s count down everything we know about these twins and how they’ll fit into the MCU. Just in time for episode four!



  1. The Origins of Tommy & Billy 
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    In Marvel Comics, Wanda and Vision also had a romantic relationship before marrying and having twin sons, Thomas and William (a.k.a. Tommy and Billy). They weren’t created naturally, but instead through Scarlet Witch’s magic and with the help of the fragmented soul of a demon known as Mephisto. There’s a point where Wanda’s memories of her sons are wiped. As a result, Wanda was encouraged to create a reality-warping parallel universe after she was driven mad due to the loss of her sons. Sounds eerily familiar doesn’t it?

  2. Back Like They Never Left
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    Tommy and Billy reincarnated some time later; by that point the brothers were already following their parents footsteps, having ties with the Avengers. Both boys were raised separately before realizing that they were indeed twin brothers. Tommy went by the alias name Speed with powers mirroring Quicksilver, Wanda’s brother. While Billy went by Wiccan, and he possessed magical abilities like his mother. The pair eventually teamed up to locate Wanda before her full memory was restored.


  3. Young Avengers
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    Speed and Wiccan both served as crucial members of the Young Avengers, a team of superheroes formed with the help of Vision in case the Avengers disbanded. With the help of Billy, Tommy was found and brought on a team member to fulfill Vision’s plan of another group of crime-fighters. Other members of Young Avengers included Hawkeye, Hulkling, Kid Loki, Miss America, Stature, and Patriot. Truly a star-studded team.

    It doesn’t surprise me that WandaVision is strategically and quite cleverly setting up the foundation for phase four. With whispers of Disney + picking up a Young Avengers television show, the existence of Tommy and Billy could be super important easter eggs. A live-action show on the Young Avengers could benefit Marvel nicely in showcasing new generation of heroes. Essentially WandaVision is just the tip of the iceberg. Are you as excited for the Young Avengers as I am? 



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