Every Bookworm Needs These 11 Nerdtastic Office Supplies

I truly believe we all have that one side of ourselves that we don’t like to show anyone, that we like to keep private, that we let loose when we’re alone or in a bookstore. Our nerdy side!


We all have things we like to geek out on. Fun facts? Literary character merchandise? Musical duets of the classical variety? I love all of those! Who the hell doesn’t?


I feel just as strongly when it comes to work supplies. I’ve made a list of eleven supplies that I just can’t get enough of. Yes, it may be nerdy and unnecessary, but I am always ready to mark, stick, highlight, clip, and organize anything you may need. You’ll thank me later.


1. Nerdwax



Apply to your glasses and they will not fall off your schnoz. | Image Via Storming Gravity 


2. Clip-on Book Lamp

Book Lamp

Let there be light… | Image Via Exactly What I Needed


3. Multi-colored Pens


Multi-ink pens

I can only make serious decisions when it comes to pen inks. | Image Via Pentrace



4. Animal-shaped Paperclips


Animal shaped paperclips

Is it a dog or lion? Maybe both. | Image Via AliExpress


5. Triple Pen Holder


Triple pen holder

Three’s a party. | Image Via Amazon


6. Funky Flash Drives


Flash drives

These scream professional. | Image Via Four Letter Nerd


7. Pocket Calculator


Pocket Calculator

I don’t care if there’s one on my phone. I need this one. | Image Via Dollar Tree


8. Filofax Planner Inserts



Stay organized, my friends. | Image Via PlanCademy


9. Sticky Notes of All Shapes and Sizes


Sticky notes

Never limit yourself to just one… | Image Via Top Printers


10. Literary Backpack


This is perfect for holding all the other things you’ve just seen. | Image Via Pinterest


11. Funky Highlighters


Teddybear Highlighter

Go on a highlighting spree with these little guys! | Image Via Geddes School Supplies



I think it’s safe to say I have many, if not all of these things. No matter what your go-to supplies look like, we all know that nerdy is just an umbrella for fun, creative, quirky, and energetic. These are fun and hold their purpose and we know you were eyeing those multi-colored pens. Buy them now, rejoice later.


Feature Image Via Rolling Stone