Even More Lord of the Rings Memes

I’m honestly not sure how many Lord of the Rings memes I’ve thrown at you, but I just finished finals, and I needed something fun to post. Don’t we all, in these trying times?


No Such Thing as Bad Ideas

Image via Wattpad

Why are people always like, it’s fine, but really, it’s never fine. Also it’s been a while, and I don’t want to be that guy, but I think they did enter Mordor on foot. Technically. I mean there were eagles, spiders, caves, but that book has a lot of marching.


I’m a Dog Person

Image via Stare Cat

So this is a thing, right? Like, why do dads insist they hate things? My mom wanted to replace me with a kitten, and my dad was like no, maybe a dog, a BIG dog. And he’s not even that bad, we had a big poodle when I was in middle school. Does he hate the cats, though? Of course he doesn’t. He’s their favorite napping spot. It’s exactly like the hobbit thing.


King of Negging

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Kylo Ren only gets away with this stuff because he knows he as fangirls. Maybe this guy does too, I don’t know. I never saw the movie. I don’t know the culture. But wasn’t at least one of them actually a king? Like I said, I’m due for a hobbit read, but I’d be ready to believe the movie just forgot.


It’s Endearing

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I’m not even here for the pun. Maybe just a little. I’m just imagining the cold chill I would immediately feel if someone called me precious. My soul would leave my body. Are there really people who could say or even think ‘my precious’ in a voice other than Gollum’s?


Dudes Being Bros

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Look, they’re not even five feet apart. We’ve still got a ways to go before LOTR enters the public domain, and I’m frankly terrified. The shippers are going to rise like it’s the end of days. I live in fear but also great excitement. 2050 is gonna be wild. I can’t wait.

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