Disney Prince Hotness RANKED

Odds are, you had a crush on a Disney Prince. They were handsome, dashing, brave, but overall, they were HOT. You can’t deny that there was something about them that made you swoon. We certainly felt the same, which is why we made this list! We ranked the top 10 Disney “Princes” by their hotness. You may ask why, but we’re not going to answer!

So we’re counting down to the #1 hottest Disney Prince. Can you guess who it is? 

10) Prince Ferdinand (Snow White) – NOT HOT

BOO! Boring! Is his face even animated correctly? Just blah. No. Not to mention he kisses a “dead” girl. 


9) Prince Charming (Cinderella)

Does he even speak? I don’t recall…but he’s uninteresting nevertheless. Who judges women by their feet anyway? Seriously? People have similar sized feet all over the world. 


8) Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid

This man is a legend. HE GUESSED ARIEL’S NAME OUT OF THE BLUE. He may be a psychic or something and incredibly brave, but certainly not that hot. 


7) John Rolfe (Pocahontas II

Soooo, we’re not going to ignore the fact that the real life John Rolfe made Pocahontas marry him, become a Christian, and change her name to Rebecca! So not hot…


6) The Beast/Prince Adam (Beauty and the Beast)

Hairy, loud, rude? Could anything else be more of a turn-off? Yeah, he has books, which is why he isn’t last on our list, but the disappointing fact is: he’s not even that hot when he’s not the beast anymore!!!


5) Flynn Rider (Tangled

He’s a trickster, he’s a thief, but hey, he’s a sweetheart in the end. And look at that smolder!  


4) Li Shang (Mulan

He may not be a prince, but oooohweee. You’d be lying if you didn’t think this guy was hot when he took his shirt off and started singing about making a man out of you.


3) Prince Naveen (The Princess and the Frog

He may have spent a lot of time as a frog, which is gross, but just look at him! He’s #3 because he’s a little self-centered, but he’s definitely hot.  


2) Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty

He can sing, he can dance, and he’ll ride through a bunch of thorn bushes to rescue you. Just look at him all dressed in red. You know he deserves this #2 spot.


1) Aladdin – HOTTEST

“Prince Ali! Handsome is he, Ali Ababwa. That physique! How can I speak? Weak at the knee!” That basically sums it up. Aladdin is #1 and you know it. How can you resist those eyes? 


Featured image courtesy of Cosmopolitan