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Each week, Bookstr will be giving a look at some of the best novels in a particular genre for your continued reading list.

Today, we’ll be recommending five recent crime and thriller novels for your reading pleasure. Which of these novels will thrill, chill, and fill you with scares? Read to find out!


"Beyond All Reasonable Doubt" Cover

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With Netflix adapting Malin Persson Giolito’s Quicksand, count me excited for Giolito’s new novel. Released June 4th, Beyond All Reasonable Doubt tells the story of how Doctor Stig Ahlin murdered a fifteen-year-old girl thirteen years ago and became known as one of the most ruthless criminals.

But Sophia Weber has to ask, is his reputation justified or is Dr. Ahlin, in fact, innocent? In this gripping legal thriller, Sophia Weber must do her utmost to get  her client exonerated while suffering people’s scorn, all the while plagues with the question of if she’s right and, if she is, where does this path she’s following lead her?

Gripping, this novel will have you on the edge of your seat as you wander what it means to be truly innocent.

4. Aunt Dimity and the heart of gold by nancy atherton

"Aunt Dimity and the Heart of Gold" Cover

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You know what’s scarier than murder? When someone you don’t know suddenly knows more about your house than you.

June 18th you’ll be transported to a Christmas Party! As green and bright blood red lights flicker, the Christmas party becomes a pyjama party as a storm picks up, but instead of just bringing severe winds the storm also brings a car that crashes into a ditch.

The driver, a scatterbrained middle aged woman named Tilly, is thankfully unhurt and invited in by the pleasant host, Emma, but but Emma’s heart will soon sink when Tilly places a half on one of her walls and finds a hidden compartment. Inside, a pile of glittering treasure.

Personally, I love to find treasure in my house, but it does beg the question: Where did it come from? And how did this stranger find it?

3. A patchwork of clues by Sally Goldenbaum

"A Patchwork of Clues" Cover

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The first in a new series, this June 4th release is an exciting debut has Portia Paltrow start off on a morning jog. Oh God, nothing good ever happens on a morning jog!

And nothing good happens here. After finding a body of an antiques store owner and college professor Owen Hill, Portia Paltrow will learn a lesson in murder.

What happened? A robbery gone wrong? No, the body was found in front of a quilt shop, and who would shop a quilt shop for money?

Stitching together a patchwork of clues, Paltrow will have to follow the threads to find the killer!

2. Death in Kew Gardens by Jennifer Ashley

"Death in Kew Gardens" Cover

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Do you want some tea?

Kat Holloway takes the box of tea, and it goes downhill from there.

Two days later, scholar Li Bai Chang, the kind tea giver, is accused of murdering an old woman and now Kat and her friend Daniel are embroiled “in a world in a world of deadly secrets that reach from the gilded homes of Mayfair to the beautiful wonder of Kew Gardens”.

After reading this, you’ll think twice about the random kindness of strangers!

If this novel is proof of anything, it’s never think a story will be simple and easygoing when you’re reading from New York Times bestselling author of Scandal Above Stairs Jennifer Ashley!


1. Invitation to Die: A Novella of Ancient Rome by Lindsey Davis


"Invitation to Die" Cover

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Released June 4th, this short novella is only ninety-five pages, but you’ll be begging for more.

Cringe in horror as you read about the paranoid and violent emperor Domitian and, right before you know it, your heart just might stop as Aulus and Quintus are invited to Domitian’s banquet. What could happened to them? Both are Senator, both are nephews of the man who plotted to dispose Domitian’s father, both are brothers-in-law to Domitian’s private informs, but both have done nothing wrong.

Will Emperor Domitian agree? All merciful (and when I say that I mean utterly vengeful), Domitian has invited them and Aulus and Quintus know, like everyone should, they can’t refuse an invitation.

Will these two make it through this long night or be swept away like a water washing away blood?



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