Creative Names to Give Your Adorable Pet


If you just adopted a dog, cat, fish, ferret, naked mole rat, or some other type of animal (or are thinking of adopting one soon), you may be stuck trying to name the lil creature. You could go with something average, like Spot, Paws, or Fluffy. Or, you could name your pet after a character in a book or a famous author. You will sound smart as you call out for your dog, “Haruki, let’s go for a run!”


Here are some excellent names for your next pet:

Sancho Panza




Honestly, that’s the cutest thing you can name your fluffy, chubby cat. If you’ve got two animals, you may want to name the other ‘Don Quixote’ because why not?


Atticus Finch




Obviously, this could be shorted to just ‘Atticus’, ‘Atti’, or ‘Finch’, but the full name is preferable for your honorable pet. We feel this name is best suited for a bird.




Image courtesy of Crystallinks


An epic name for an epic pet. Enough said.


Zora, as in Zora Neal Hurston

Zora Neal Hurston

Image courtesy of Florida Memory


This is just a beautiful name, like Zora’s writing. 


Ford Prefect




There’s something about this weird name that just sounds like a goldfish. 


Zaphod Beeblebrox




The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is filled with bizarre names that would be great for any pet! Beeblebrox would be the cutest pouch around!


Marianne Dashwood




This name is just so classy. Like a feline, or a small bunny.






Eloise would surely wander around and cause some major ruckus. Silly Eloise!





All gifs courtesy of Giphy. Featured image courtesy of Luello.com.