Confessions of a Book Sinner

Walking the tiled black and white floors of my school library I kept the spine tucked under my arm. I couldn’t resist, and I’m sure others know the feeling. It was Annie Dillard’s An American Childhood, and my version of St. Augustine’s coveted pear. Part stealing for the sake of it, part an attempt to skirt the ‘overdue library book’ emails that would eventually catch up to me and my beloved Dillard, I took the book without checking it out. Was it wrong? Yes. Do I regret it? No, it’s Dillard biographical masterpiece. But, no ragrets aside, it did get me thinking about book sins, and how even the most austere readers – Bookstr’s finest of course – aren’t infallible. 

Here’s our office round up of books sins.


“I once left one of my favorite books in the trunk of my car for about 2 years. It got wet, had junk sitting on it and, worst of all, sat under the blazing heat of the Florida sun for weeks on end” – Adam

“I stole a book from my elementary school bookfair. I was young but I knew what I was doing.” – Epiphany

“I bought the first three books in a series in paperback, and got the fourth as a hardcover. Now my shelf is A MESS.” – Will

“I’ve been reading “Kafka on the Shore” by Murakami for 3 years now- for some reason, I keep putting it down and never finishing it. The worst part, I lied to my friend who lent me the book and said I finished it because I was, and still am, ashamed that it’s taken so long. I just can’t get through it, even though I want to know the end and I genuinely like the book.

…I also spilled coffee on a book that my co-worker lent me.” – Gaby

“I used to ‘steal’ books from my local library book sale. I’d replace the books I took with copies of the same book I’d previous owned that were in decidedly worse condition” – Samuel

“I borrowed a copy of Inerrant Vice off a friend, dropped it in the bathtub rendering it sopping wet with all the pages stuck together. I just ignored his texts for several months” – Emily

“A friend gave me a self-help book once. I didn’t read past the first 3 chapters but I told him it was great and gave it back unread” – Joey

Have a book sin of your? Share it with us in the comments!

Featured Image courtesy of CUNY.