Chat Fiction Apps

Chat Stories Are the Future of Fiction, These Are the Apps You Need to Read Them

Chat story apps have been cropping up by the dozens in the last few years.  In case you’ve never used one before, these apps allow users to read stories in the form of a text conversation between characters.  The concept is pretty interesting, and if you have a few minutes to read some fast-paced fiction, then check out one of the apps below.


1. Hooked (iOS and Android)




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Hooked is the OG chat story app. It offers up stories from several genres including horror, mystery, comedy, sci-fi, and romance. Users can create an account in order to comment and like stories. Paying for a subscription will also give you access to pictures within the stories and allow you to read as much as you want with no time limits, but the stories are still enjoyable even without images and having to wait to continue.  


2. Yarn (iOS and Android)



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Yarn is very similar to Hooked.  It has many of the same genres, but it also has the ability to view videos in addition to images in its stories.  Like with Hooked, you have to subscribe in order to get these features and bypass a time limit.


3. Cliffhanger (iOS and Android)



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Cliffhanger takes the concept of chat stories a step further.  Like a modern-day version of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure stories, Cliffhanger lets users choose the action at regular intervals in the narratives. There are stories from a variety of genres, like with the other apps, and the app also has images and videos which can be unlocked with a subscription.  Cliffhanger has a wait time as well, but it is significantly shorter than that of the others and totally worth it for the quality of the content.


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