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Celebrate World Emoji Day with These 5 Emoji Keyboards!

Now, I don’t about you, but I love emojis! I remember when I was about fifteen-or-so and Apple first dropped those miniature, pixelated, virtual figurines. For two-and-a-half weeks I strictly responded to texts in emojis, no words (probably the most fun I’ve had while also annoying any and everyone who’s ever tried to form a line of communication with me, to be honest). It’s just nice to be able to tell a story, describe my day, spice up my conversation, and throw a lil’ more personality into texts that, otherwise, tend to come across as sort of serious, dry, and blasé. Life’s short, so why not throw some digital icons into your electronic conversations!


Today is the perfect day to do so because today is World Emoji Day! So, kick off your Doc Martens, unzip your jacket, plug your iPhone or Android into the nearest outlet, and celebrate with me by downloading these totally sick emoji keyboards!














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