Celebrate St Patricks Day by reading great Irish books


The 17th of March is St Patrick’s Day, the day when we all want to claim a piece of Ireland for ourselves and there are good reasons for it. This is the place that is imagined and loved by many but it is definitely cherished in a very special way by all readers since it is a home of many amazing writers and unforgettable books. So why not curl up on your couch with some haunting Irish music, a pint of Guinness and a great Irish story. 
Many of the contemporary Irish voices are massive bestsellers and serious literary prize winners, many of them are also quite dark stories. It is really hard to limit the number of suggestions but here are a few that we read and we loved!  Check out our reviews and reader’s comments by clicking on the attached links.
If you love literary classics there is no shortage of Irish writers that have made a mark on the world’s literary heritage.  Here is just a few great and some fun reads:
And don’t forget that there are also many amazing Irish poets.  Get started with
Happy reading and Happy St Patrick Day!