Batman 80th Anniversary

Celebrate Batman’s 80th Anniversary With His Best Scenes!

In honor of Batman’s 80th anniversary, we’re going to celebrate The Dark Knight with the most memorable scenes from his on-screen history. I also recommend DC’s celebratory Detective Comics #1000 special if you’d like to be hardcore with me.


Batman 80th Anniversary

Image via DC Comics


Now, you might be expecting a compilation of Batman’s best ‘fight scenes.’ This is not one of those compilations (especially since there’s only one live-action Batman movie that actually has incredible fight sequences—thank you, Zack Snyder). Instead, these are the scenes that truly speak to the Batman’s character.



1. Batman Begins – Bats Frighten Me

This scene perfectly captures Bruce Wayne’s ability to turn personal trauma into strength. He found the means to turn his own fears “against those who prey on the fearful.”


2. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm – The Birth of Batman

Bruce Wayne is frequently portrayed as obsessive and in need of the crusade against crime to define who he is. This scene shows a side of Batman that is rarely seen. He has moments where it is actually possible for him to let go of ‘Batman.’ Tragically, this was not one of those moments.


3. The Dark Knight – Joker Interrogation

There was nothing that Batman could have said to prove the Joker wrong here. The Joker is the kind of artist who laughs at your bullsh*t, successfully holds a mirror up to your world, and burns it down.


4. The Batman vs. Dracula – I am Batman

‘Most Ambitious Crossover’ status achieved. Yes, DC actually had the Batman square off against Dracula, the OG literary bat-master, and he won. Take that, Bram Stoker.


5. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker – Crying for Mommy and Daddy

The Joker always had a difficult time getting under Batman’s skin in The Animated Series. It wasn’t until Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker that he successfully sh*t all over Batman’s way of life and took away the things most precious to him: his unwillingness to compromise and his ability to protect those he cares about.


6. The Dark Knight – Sometimes People Deserve More

The Batman was always meant to be something that defies our often unjust reality. The Joker’s victory and perversion of the truth would have destroyed all of the good that Gotham’s protectors had fought for. Therefore, Batman: 1, Truth: 0.


7. Batman v Superman – Luthor Spared

Batman’s character arc was quite something in this movie. After going off the deep end and losing his way, his encounter with Superman made him remember why he became a hero and chose not to kill in the first place: he never wanted to see loved ones separated from each ever again because of murder. He even had the chance to give Lex Luthor, a person no one would miss, a well deserved death, but he didn’t.


8. The Dark Knight Rises – Rise

Bruce Wayne won. The Batman won. The battle to end crime may be never-ending, but the legend of The Batman will live forever.




Featured Image via DC Comics