Catch up on Your Binge Watching With the Year's Best Adaptations!

2018 is fast approaching, so we’ve got to stuff as much into 2017 as we can! That book you haven’t opened yet? Finish it. The show you haven’t watched? Binge it. There is no rest for us right now; this is not for the faint of heart! That goes for adaptations as well. All of 2017’s best work should be seen before more comes along. Plus, the adaptations this year were totally bitchin’.
Everyone has different tastes, but I’ve decided on five TV and movie adaptations of 2017 that I believe were really damn good. Drama, dystopian, history, romance, horror, mystery, thriller, fantasy: you name it, I’ve got it! These five works show you that, sometimes, adaptations can be done quite beautifully.


1. Big Little Lies 


'Big Little Lies'

 Image Via HBO


This shocking, twisty, turny story has pulled in all sorts of fans. I could even recall my sister finishing the book while I was sitting next to her. When I heard her turn one of the last few pages and exclaim, “Are you kidding me?!”, I knew it’d be a good read. However, no one expected it to be as good of a watch.
Starting from the murder mystery and backtracking through all the families and mysterious happenings at the school, each character is perfectly portrayed down to the last trait. Nicole Kidman has blown us away, along with the rest of the cast, most of whom are already promised for season two. If you haven’t read or watched this, then you’ve got some work to do.


2. IT



 Image Via The Sun

I thought no one could replace Tim Curry or the disturbing essence of the 90s miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. Yet, the 2017 IT came along and it was a damn contender. This is the movie that sparked horror in us all during the month of October. With a great cast of kids that made every scene feel nostalgic yet shook you to your core, it was no surprise it was so highly ranked. Grossing $400 million, IT is the most successful R-rated horror movie ever. Part two is already in the works, so I suggest you read the book to make sure you catch the small differences of what’s in and what’s out. Plus, King shows us that childhood fears come in a different shape when you’re an adult. But they never really leave.


3. Call Me By Your Name


'Call Me By Your Name'

 Image Via Vulture

Earthy, lovely, and oh so beautiful are some of the words I’d use to describe this adaptation, and they are not nearly generous enough. When I say this story works, this story just works. Andre Aciman’s novel follows a seventeen-year-old Italian-Jewish boy spending the summer at his family’s villa in Italy. His father, an art history professor, takes in a twenty-four-year-old scholar. The mystical and aesthetic imagery of the novel crosses over into the film with sensuality and pure, free love. Music, books, and their surroundings all seem to align to make a love that everyone wants to have.


4. The Handmaid’s Tale


'Handmaid's Tale'

 Image Via Vulture 

This frightening and disturbing dystopian novel is one that could chill us to the core, yet this TV adaptation is the hottest thing on our screens right now. These women are degraded and viewed as property by an overly patriarchal and totalitarian society. The fear of it all is that the practices and rules are seen as normal and we’re thinking of where Margaret Atwood got her inspiration. Everyone seems to be loving the timing of a show like this…or really not loving it. Readers and viewers alike have begun to question society and wonder about the what-ifs we face as society and women. Even though it’s fiction, this adaptation has been feeling a little too real.


5. Outlander



Image Via Mashable  

The classic mixture of romance, history, and time travel is one that leaves a bittersweet, longing feeling behind, and you know what? We’re okay with that. In Diana Gabaldon’s novel series, Claire unexpectedly travels from WWII to 1743 where she meets and marries the mysterious Scotsman warrior, Jamie Frasier, in order to stay alive and protected. Fans of this series really cannot get enough when it comes to the passion as well as historical accuracy of the time period. The show depicts real human struggle and the quest for identity even within a relationship. Claire and Jamie have caused fans agony, joy, and some serious *ahem* sexual tension. No wonder it’s won countless awards for ‘Favorite TV Show.’ It oughta be on everyone’s list.


Feature Image Via Cosmopolitan