Bridgerton: Book vs. Show

If you have Netflix and haven’t watched Bridgeton yet, I don’t know what you’re doing. If you have watched it, then I assume you have looked into the book series. I know I have. Whenever a series is adapted from a book I just have to get my hands on it and I managed to grab on a copy of the first book in the series, The Duke and I, which is the book that season one is based on.


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Some things are the same as the book and some things are different. That’s to be expected but I didn’t expect so much to be different, but I’ll start with what’s similar.


1: The main thing that’s a common thread between the show and the book is the sex. Daphanie and Simon do have quite a bit of it in the show and in the book
2: Daphanie’s desire to have a baby
3: Simon’s past with his father
4: Friendship between Simon and Anthony
5: Daphanie and Simon’s argument over his reasons for not wanting children
6: Simon not wanting to get married
7: Daphanie punching Nigel
8: Simon and Daphanie’s scheme
9: The duel between Simon and Anthony
10: Simon and Daphanie making out and getting caught by Anthony
11: Lady Whistledown
That’s about it for what’s the same. Now for the differences
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1: Simon and Daphanie met after she punched Nigel, not before
2: Marina isn’t spoken of at all
3: Eloise is just mentioned- Haycinath speaks more than her.
4: Penelope is just mentioned and is seen in the background
5: Lord Featherington is already dead
6: Simon and Lady Danbury are not that close
7: No boxing is mentioned
8: No Queen is mentioned
9: Lady Whistledown isn’t as interesting in the book as she is in the show
10: Daphanie isn’t considered desirable by any suitor until Simon comes along. In the show Anthony keeps them away, and even though he is overprotective in the book, it’s more so because of Daphanie’s looks that keep them away
11: Nigel isn’t important. Once he is punched, he doesn’t bother Daphanie again
12: Lady Featherington and her daughters are just in the background
13: Lady Bridgerton and Lady Danbury don’t scheme to get Simon and Daphanie together; they barely speak
Despite the differences and similarities between the book and show, each is respectively good. However, I do prefer the show, but that’s only because the show was more exciting. I do plan on continuing my reading of the series. I would like to know what happens while we wait for season two.
If you don’t want to read the books, why not watch the show again right here.
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