Bookstr Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift to get that special booklover in your life? Well, look no further! We’ve got you covered with our Bookstr Holiday Gift Guide, full of bookish gift ideas for your beloved bookworm.

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Hey all you bookworms! Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift to get that special booklover in your life? Well, look no further! We’ve got you covered with our Bookstr Holiday Gift Guide, full of bookish gift ideas for your beloved bookworm. Check out our full holiday gift guide below!



1. Keepster (Prices Starting at $9.99)

What better gift to give a bookworm than your own words in book form! With Keepster, you can turn all of your text messages with your loved one into an actual book. You can customize the layout, book cover, formatting, and more to turn your messages with your favorite people into a special and meaningful book.


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2. 2021 The Legacy Of RBG Wall Calendar ($14.99)

This gift is the perfect excuse for you and your loved one to celebrate the legacy of the ever-inspiring Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Sourcebooks has curated the best artworks from all around to create this beautiful calendar. Each month features a gorgeous illustration and the profound words of the Notorious RBG. Even better, a significant portion of the profits from this calendar will benefit causes Ruth Bader Ginsburg believed in and supported throughout her life!


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illustration of RBG
Image via Sourcebooks


3. Book Meshuggenahs Books (Prices starting at $3.99)

If you’re searching for that perfect Hanukkah gift, then check out The Book Meshuggenahs’ books. They have a range of books for children, coloring books, and even a book of haikus!

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book cover of h is for haiku
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4. Postcards from Penguin ($23.43)

For the booklover who also loves stationary, Penguin Publishing has released a collection of one hundred postcards, each one featuring the cover of an iconic Penguin book cover.

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postcards from penguin
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If your special bookworm has a sweet tooth, then why not give them a Cookiecups baking kit! They’ll be able to bake their own delicious cookie cups at home, which they can then enjoy while reading their favorite book.

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the cookiecups baking kit
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6. Book Lovers’ Soy Candles ($7.00-$19.95)

What’s the perfect match for any book? A cozy candle! This holiday season, why not give the booklover in your life a bookish scented candle. These Frostbeard Studio candles come in a variety of bookish scents, like Rainy Day Reads, Oxford Library, and Christmas in the Great Hall.

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frost beard studio candles
Image via Frostbeard Studio

7. Puns of Anarchy Game ($34.38)

A quick and clever game that requires the player to think on their feet and make puns based on famous bands, movies, and of course books. A bookworm that loves wordplay and humor would excel at this game.

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puns of anarchy game
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8. Mini Book Necklaces ($35.85)

Nothing is better than reading a good book, but wearing a mini book around your neck is the next best thing! Get your loved one this darling mini book necklace so they can show off their sweet bookish style.

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mini book necklaces
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9. Customized pet bookmark ($9.99)

What better way to keep track of the book you’re reading than to see a picture of your furry friend sticking out of it. Just send a picture of your beloved pet to Etsy user SkipToMyLuluCrafts, who will take it and make it into a magnetic bookmark. It’s a touchingly personal gift to a reader.

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pet bookmarks
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10. Literary Tea ($8.28)

Get your favorite bookworm something to sip on while they read their 1,000th book of the day. These loose leaf tea blends are named after a specific author and the flavors are carefully curated to reflect the nature of their work. Can’t you just picture someone reading The Last Man while drinking Mary Shelley tea?

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literary tea
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11. Book Themed Socks ($14.95)

Help the bookworm in your life make the ultimate fashion statement with these book themed socks. These socks will let everyone know what they really want…their book!

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book themed socks
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12. LED Bedside Book Lamp ($20.23)

For the late night readers in your life, this LED bedside book lamp is the perfect gift! This fold-able, rechargeable, and magnetic lamp is the perfect addition for anyone who loves to stay up a little too late reading their favorite book!

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book lamp
Image via My Metanoia


13. 100 Essential Novels Scratch-Off Chart ($35.00)

For the avid reader and scratch-off ticket enthusiast, this 100 Essential Novels Scratch-Off Chart is bound to amuse your favorite bookworm! This is the perfect gift for readers looking to check off all the classic, essential novels in a fun and interactive way. It’s a win, win!

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100 essential novels scratch off chart
Image via Pinterest


14. My Coffee and Book Club Subscription ($45.00-$50.00)

Give the gift that keeps on giving – a subscription box! My Coffee and Book Club will send your loved one a twelve ounce bag of whole bean or ground hand roasted coffee plus two new hardcover books in their chosen genre every month. Your loved one will get to enjoy the ultimate match made in heaven – books and coffee!

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my coffee and book club
Image via My Coffee and Book Club


15. Book Scarves ($48.00)

Let your loved one show off their favorite books and keep warm with this stylish accessory! These book scarves feature text from beloved, classic novels, such as A Christmas Carol, Pride and Prejudice, Alice and Wonderland, and more!

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woman wearing scarf
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16. Book of the Month Club Subscription ($49.00-$169.00)

Another gift that keeps on giving – Book of the Month Club offers subscriptions for three months up to a year. Each month, your loved one will get to pick a new book from five wow-worthy reads. They even have the option to add on an extra book if one just isn’t enough!

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book of the month
Image via Groupon


17. Noble Objects Candles ($27.00)

Now, you can give your loved one a candle inspired by their favorite book! Even better, each candle is created to last the amount of time it takes 1,500 pages of literature. Your loved one will be able to enjoy their literary-inspired candle while reading a book (or two)!

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noble objects candles
Image via Noble Objects


18. Vooks Kids Storybook Streaming Service ($4.99/month)

Vooks Kids Storybook Streaming Service is the perfect gift for the little bookworm in your life. Perfect for kids ages two through eight, Vooks is an ad-free streaming library of read aloud animated storybooks. For just $4.99 a month, your little bookworm can enjoy a whole host of delightful titles that will help strengthen their vocabulary and their love for reading!

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Image via Vooks

19. Book Art Bookmarks ($12.00)

The perfect accessory for any book is a beautiful bookmark! Give your loved one a gorgeous Book Art bookmark. Both functional and beautiful, these bookmarks will be sure to make any booklover’s reading time just a little more beautiful!

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book art bookmarks
Image via Etsy


20. Cat Scratch Bookends ($65.00)

What better way to display one’s books than between these purrfect cat scratch bookends! Your loved one will love these sweet, kitty silhouette bookends, which are sure to liven up any bookshelf.

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cat scratch bookends
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