Bookish Masks to Make Your Friends Jealous

Masks are just a fact of life at the moment, but boring masks don’t have to be. Show your love of literature with these five masks hand selected for bookworms.


1. Once Upon a Time 

Image via Redbubble

Let people know your story is just starting with this fairy-tale mask. If you happen to meet your true love, though, get their number, because this mask will fit anyone.


2. The Hobbit 

Image via Etsy

Love the updated The Hobbit cover as much as I do? Slap it on your face, and prove you’re the biggest Tolkien fan of all time.


3. Banned Books

Image via Litographs

Don’t just read banned books, wear them everywhere you go. Plus, if you don’t have a portrait to take on all your mistakes, you can just cover them up.


4. Due Date Card

Image via Etsy

Remember when your book’s due back with this stylish mask featuring literary classics, and throw back while you do it.


5. CHildren’s Books

Image via Redbubble

Love children’s lit? Take a whole shelf with you, in a lovely rainbow scheme.

Featured Image via NeedleGnomeStudio on Etsy