Prepare To Be Shocked By These Thrillers

What a great week to read some amazing thrillers! These five books are intense and need to be added to your TBR if you love a good thriller or if you’re just in the mood for some suspense. One thing is for sure, these books will be leaving you on the edge of your seat!

  1. ‘Bitter Falls’ by Rachel Caine

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Bitter Falls, follows Gwen Proctor, who is an investigator with a past that still haunts her. Trying to move on from her past, this new assignment is the perfect distraction. Gwen begins to investigate the disappearance of a young man, three years ago in Tennessee. There are no clues to help her crack this case, all she has to help her is the mother of victim, Ruth Landry. As Gwen digs deeper into this mystery, she finds new suspects and victims, and with each new turn the case becomes more disturbing. As she gets closer to cracking the case, she uncovers a threat that could follow her back home. A personal vendetta can collide with her investigation and Gwen isn’t sure she’s ready for the toll it could take on her life.


2. ‘When You See Me’ by Lisa Gardner

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When You See Me, follows an FBI agent named Kimberly Quincy and her partner Detective Warren, who have built a task force to zero on a deceased serial killer, Jacob Ness. While trying to piece together his life, they uncover a haunting clue that leads them to enlist the help of Flora Dane, who was imprisoned by Jacob. Their investigation leads them to an eerie town in Georgia. While in this town, they learn that Jacob still has a secret that has yet to be revealed. Kimberly and Warren have to bring their skills to the table to crack this case and Flora has to face old demons to help them and others.


3. ‘Mr. Nobody’ by Catherine Steadman

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Mr. Nobody, follows a man who washes up on a beach with amnesia. He has no memory of how he got there or who he is. However, he does manage to spark interest with the hospital staff and the press. Everyone wants to know who this man is and where he came from. Emma Lewis, a neuropsychiatrist, is asked to help asses the mystery man, and she is excited because this is the case of a lifetime that could make her name known all over the world. However, Emma has to travel to the town she left fourteen years ago and she has worked hard to cover every trace of her past. She goes to the town, and as she spends more time with this man, she learns he may know a secret about her that no one is supposed to know.


4. ‘The Other People’ by C.J Tudor

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The Other People, follows Gabe who can’t get the final image he has of his daughter Izzy out of his head. It’s been three years since he saw her in the window of another car, and he can’t give up hope that she is still out there. Then, there is Fran and her daughter Alice who are on the run because she knows what really happened to Gabe’s daughter. Finally, Gabe finds the car that his daughter was in, but it was found in a lake with a body inside. Now, Gabe must face his past, that goes deeper than his missing daughter. His search leads him to a group of people called the Other People, who want to help others recovering from loss and death. However, they also want people to know what death is really like.


5. ‘Long Bright River’ by Liz Moore

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Long Bright River, follows two sisters, Mickey and Kacy, who live a in neighborhood in Philadelphia that is dealing with the opioid crisis. Kacey lives on the street and battles addiction and Mickey works the streets as a cop. Even though the sisters don’t speak, Mickey constantly worries about her sister, especially when a string murders begin to happen and Kacey goes missing. Mickey then springs into action to find the murderer and her sister before the worst happens.



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