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It’s a new week and that means new titles to add to your TBR! This week’s spotlight genre is Sci-Fi, so for all you sci-fi readers or anyone that just loves a good book, this list is for you.

  1. Dead Astronauts by James Vandermeer

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Dead Astronauts follows three characters, Grayson, Chen, and Morse, who are traveling through forces that can consume them. These three characters also happen to be shapeshifters: amorphous, part human and part extensions of the world. A giant fish, a blue fox, and a language that stretches the limit. The blue fox slips through warrens of time and space and is on a mysterious mission. A homeless woman is haunted by a strange journal, and the fish remembers a past that may not be his own. These three are waging a war against a powerful cooperation. An invisible monster who can’t remember his name and he can’t remember his purpose. There’s also a madman who is haunted by his own creation and wanders the desert lost. This novel has a city without a name that lives in the shadow of an all-powerful company, with the earth at stake.

2. Anyone by Charles Soule

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Anyone follows a female scientist, from Ann Arbor Michigan, who is searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease but ends up finding herself in her husband’s body. This is believed to be a botched experiment, but it ends up changing the world. Twenty years later flash technology allows people to transport themselves into other bodies. The tagline of the company is “Be Anyone with Anyone”. There is also a black-market version where people secretly rent out their bodies for illegal purposes like crime, theft, and drugs. This novel goes from present day to the past as the creator of this flash technology tries to bring the darkness of it to an end.


3. The Revisionaries by A.R Maxon

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The Revisionaries follows Julian, a preacher that preaches in the streets in denim robes and running shoes, but despite his attire is an inspiration for his community. Then the neighborhood mental hospital releases its patients to run amok in the community. Julian meets one of the escapees who speaks of impending doom, and on top of that must face a religious cult that wears red, as well as smoking figure that knows what’s going to happen before it does. Can Julian confront and deal with them all?


4. The Pet Project by Amanda Milo

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The Pet Project follows people on a blue planet in a galaxy that is quite far from our own solar system. The aliens on this planet are tender skinned and intelligent, and they also make great pets. Everyone wants to own one of these pets when they realize they exist. Now these aliens must breed, and someone has to do everything she can to help them breed.


5. Accepting the Lance by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

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Accepting the Lance follows Clan Korval, as he goes back to the ground after bombing a city. Now he’s on the water planet, Surebleak, where the people are just as untamed as the weather. Korval’s network also needs a complete reset in order to recover from exile. Unfortunately for Korval, the Department of Interior is looking for revenge with Surebleak and Korval’s ship. At the same time, other ships are seeking trade and diving into a trap. People everywhere are in the crosshairs.



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