Best Fall Reading Spots

Fall appears to be in full swing. Here in New York, we’ve strung together just enough temperate days to say so, and I could not be happier. I know I’m not the first New Englander to posit fall as the best season, but something about it just jives with my disposition. I think fall is also especially conducive to great reading, as the bibliophiles migrate from the sunny beaches to the leafy parks. There are TONS of great places to read in the fall, so let’s take a look at some of them! 

The park 

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Well this one is a no brainer. Not saying you can’t read in the park during the summer, but sometimes the sun gets too overbearing and ends up drowning out the beautiful colors. On a mild fall day, the trees, grass, and leaves all blend together, and you can comfortably take it in without squinting your eyes. You’re also much less likely to tap out due to heat exhaustion with cooler temperatures. I also find that the park tends to be quieter in the fall, with less tourists, sun bathers, and boisterous activity. 



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In the latter months of Fall, your fingers might get a little cold for outdoor reading. The best thing about fall, is that you can confidently take your reading indoors without feeling like your’e missing out on a beautiful Summer day. Readers and introverts have complicated relationships with summer, given that we tend to be homebodies, and summer calls for constant outdoor activity. But in the fall, that guilt evaporates, as you can easily appreciate the weather from the comfort of your home. 


Outdoor Café

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Before the cafés and coffee shops remove their outdoor seating, try to get in as much reading as you can. For starters, cafés and coffee shops have HOT BEVERAGES. That means coffee and tea, which are inextricably linked with reading. It’s nice to have something to fiddle with while you read. A caffeinated beverage does that, and it keeps you awake, so two birds. Reading in a café is also a semi-social activity. Granted you aren’t talking to anyone, but you’re around people, which is close enough in my book. 


In front of the fireplace at your nonexistent cottage

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Readers have heightened powers of imagination, so you should be able to make this one work. Just pop a squat in front of your oven, preferably with Thoreau in hand, and just wish away. 


The beach

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Summer beach reading can be nice, but like the park, it tends to be overcrowded with people intent on getting a lot more exercise than you. In the colder fall months, there is hardly a soul to be seen on the shore, and you can easily locate a quiet place to read, with the waves quietly crashing in the background. 


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