Awesome New YA Stories

It’s the best time of the week again! It’s time to add some YA books to your TBR and these new YA books are so awesome that you won’t be able to control yourself. You’re going to have to go out and buy them RIGHT NOW!


1. Dear Justyce by Nic Stone

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Dear Justyce is the sequel to the best selling novel, Dear Martin. It tells the story of Quan, who is in jail for the shooting of a police officer. Quan has pled not guilty to the crime, and as he awaits trial he writes letters to Justyce. Quan’s story unfolds about his childhood, and how he was pushed to make an untruthful confession.


2. Recommended For You by Laura Silverman

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Recommended For You tells the story of Shoshana, who finds peace at the bookstore she works in. Her home life is chaotic with her mom’s constantly fighting, and her cat is about to die. Her job is the only place where she feels sane, and to make it better, Shoshana’s boss offers a holiday bonus to anyone who sells the most books. Shoshana knows she got this bonus in the bag and she’s going to use it to fix her car. However, the new employee, Jake, appears to be some competition for her. Despite how attrative and how Jewish he is, which is apparenly hard to find in Atlanta, she must take him down. Unfortunately, the more time they spend trying beat each other, the closer they become and they learn they just might have something in common after all.



3. Smash It! By Francina Simone

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Smash It tells the story of Liv, who is determined to shed her insecurties and make the best of Junior year. It all starts when she wears khaki shorts to a halloween party. After that terrible decision, she makes a “F*ck It” list with three goals: to take a compliment, to be bold, and to stand out! Her first order of business is trying out for the school musical, and to being open to dates, and to make new friends. Unfortunately, when you make changes, there are always some missteps along the way. Liv now has a crush on three boys and two of them are her close friends. She ends up getting dumped by someone she wasn’t even dating. What is happening? How can she continue to make strides and smash this year if she is being humilated by being friend-zoned? So, Liv decides to move on and just F*ck It, because what else can actually happen… right?


4. All This Time by Mikki Daughtry and Rachel Lippincott

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All This Time tells the story of Kyle, who’s world is rocked when his girlfriend, Kimberly, of all four years of high school dumps him. Then, on the way home from a graduation party, they’re in a car crash that kills Kimberly and gives him a brain injury. Kyle is extremely distraught and no one understands how he feels; that is until he meets Marley. Marley is suffering a loss that she blames herself for, just like Kyle, and Kyle sees in her everything he’s feeling that he can’t say out loud. Kyle and Marley become good friends and grow really close, but Kyle can’t help but worry that something else is going to come and ruin his life… and he just might be right.


5. Watch Over Me by Nina LaCour

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Watch Over Me tells the story Mia, who has aged out of the foster care system. Since she’s used to being alone, when she is offered the opprotunity to live and work on a farm, she takes it. However, the farm appears to be haunted. She thought she would find a real home and family here, but instead she soon finds out that the farm is haunted by past traumas and Mia’s own memories are about to appear.

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