A Lot of Spicy Lord of the Rings Memes

Who doesn’t need an absolute ton of Lord of the Rings memes right now?

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I usually keep these meme articles short and sweet, but who doesn’t need an absolute ton of Lord of the Rings memes right now?



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Tolkien famously said he hated allegory, but I love the idea that Bilbo would overthink the quest so much that in a world where dragons and other fantastical things are definitely real, he would think the dragon was a metaphor. It’s the most hobbit thing I can imagine. Just sitting there over second breakfast, analyzing the idea of a dragon taking everything, and he was like, hobbits have it right, people just need to be chill.



Not Quite Kermit

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Whether or not to trust ones self. Friend, foe, who can tell. Especially people who were super murdery about rings and lost their minds completely in dark caves. I think most of us these days can relate. I may or may not have called a street cat ‘my precious’. No murders though. There’s a line.



Getting it Done

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I don’t know why I find this so funny, but I just do. They look so confident. So proud. It kind of looks like they’re playing a visual version of the newlywed game. I don’t remember who the guy on the left is, so I don’t know if we ship them, and the fact that I don’t know one thing is a feature of these, not a bug. The drawings are pretty similar, though. Maybe they’re compatible.



It’s Just a HOUSE

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Seriously though, I get that they’re inconsiderate and annoying and they want the house. They steal cutlery. I think. But once Bilbo comes back, having faced a dragon? Sure, there’s more stuff to steal, but the man faced a dragon. You have to respect the graft. The Sackville-Baggins’ did. not. care. Give them the hobbit hole, or suffer forever. Incredible tenacity, even if it’s only used to incredibly annoy their relatives.




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Sure, I’d trust any non-hyphenated Baggins with my life, but can they like, do anything? Bilbo was strong against the ring, so he might have assumed reasonably that Frodo would be – I guess? Is it genetic? A hobbit thing? I’m sure there’s a good answer, Tolkien was so extra – but Bilbo was just some guy. I actually haven’t read The Hobbit in a while. But I would never have given the guy a weapon, that’s all I’m saying.




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We all have this friend. Drag you out of the house, keep you up until 4am, and then get mad at you for trying to help them. You asked for my help! I’m not bitter, I’m just saying. It’s too dangerous to go forward! Go back through all the previous danger again! I can’t let you risk yourself for me any more! Just get a cab!




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Sure, this is valid, but also like. I’ve grown to appreciate the value of an onion minion. I’m standing in line, carrying more stuff than I can successfully hold because I thought not taking a basket would make me control myself, but it didn’t, and what did I forget? Something, that’s for sure. And probably onions. If only I could make someone go back while the brave cashier takes on whatever weird fruit I’ve selected.



I Want to See Wednesdays

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It’s true. Before, he was grey. Did he just get older? Is it a metaphor? Oh god I’m doing it.

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