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9 Facts About Best-Selling ‘Red Rising’ Author Pierce Brown!

Sometimes authors just have the perfect timing when it comes to publishing a best-selling book. Pierce Brown took the book world by storm when he released his 2014 novel series Red Rising. The first novel pulled in dozens of rave reviews from sources like Entertainment Weekly and USA Today. Some even compared it to The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones!



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So who is this Pierce Brown you ask? We’ve got a little scoop for you here. These are a few facts on the successful dystopian trilogy.




That’s right. He’s practically a child, and he’d written six novels by the time he was twenty-two. None of them were published, but he hit the big time with the Red Rising series! 
2. He wasn’t always an author


Before Brown’s success, he was a political campaign worker and an NBC tour guide among other jobs.


3. His trilogy landed him a movie deal!


His 2014 novel series got him a deal with Universal and he is now writing the script for the adaptation.


4. These aren’t his first books


His previous six novels, none of which were published, earned him 130 rejection letters.


5. He had inspiration to write while in the great outdoors


While Brown went hiking in a mountain range and while he was reading Antigone, he suddenly thought of the idea.


6. He always thought of Mars as a vital setting


Mars was prominent in much of the mythology he read, plus he felt it was the next stepping stone in our civilization after earth.


7. He worked very quickly once he had an idea


Brown was able to write his best-seller in under two months


8. Brown drew inspiration for The Red Rising society from real history


The author was able to tap into ancient history and philosophy using Plato’s Republic for ideas.


9. He also used real languages for his characters


To create the recognizable slang of the Reds, he used the phrases that were on Irish posters hanging around 19th century New York.




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