9 Clever ‘Harry Potter’ Inspired License Plates

I like to think of myself as a huge Harry Potter fan. Ever since I read the first book, I’ve been in love with Rowling’s world. I waited in line at midnight to purchase the new books, I went to theaters to see all of the movies, and I went to a Harry Potter themed party at BORDERS (yeah). I’m not as dedicated of a fan as someone who would get the dark mark tattooed on them, or as those that have Potter inspired license plates! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Potter license plate, but here are 10 that are clever AF! 

1) Wouldn’t want to be locked in this car….there might be Death Eaters 

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2) This car is cursed!  

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3) This one has a double Potter reference 

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4) I wish it were an actual bus and not a car!

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5) Stay away from this car at all costs 

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6) Guess I’ll jump in this car! 

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7) It’s LeviOsa not LeviosA

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8) I like to think it’s pronounced ‘Dumble-dur’

9) So does this car need to be destroyed?

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