8 Writing Apps That Will Change Your Life


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Computers have changed the nature of writing due to all the help with which we are offered by dedicated writing devices. These devices allow us to power through a draft without stopping to read over and over again. Some might say the distinction between revision and composition has begun to erode entirely.


Many are of the opinion that the pen is still mightier than the keyboard, but for those of you who are breaking the tradition and typing out your work, here are some brilliant apps to help you create the perfect piece of prose in less time than you ever imagined.


1. Scrivener



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Built with writers in mind, Scrivener has every tool you need to research, compose, organize, edit and finish a piece of writing, all for $45. It is a must-have for any writer or blogger looking to be more productive and organized. Cool features include the Dropbox folder that lets you sync your work between the app and your iPhone or iPad in order to continue writing on the go. A long list of keyboard shortcuts takes productivity to a new level and you can track your progress by setting word targets for your sessions or the whole manuscript itself, and the word count will always be visable for those who are keen to keep track of that.



2. Ulysses



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This app is free and preferable for writers seeking a minimalist interface and flexibility rather than a lot of structure and spoon-feeding. It is elegant and distraction-free, however it is only available for Mac. The interface automatically hides itself when you want to type, which makes it super easy to just dive in and start working.



3. Adobe Story CC



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The bottomline with Adobe Story is that it is directed towards screenwriting. Those who not only write but produce their own work won’t find a better outlet for their creativity than this app. The online nature of Adobe Story means that you can also collaborate with other writers or reviewers of your script. It uses the AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) framework, allowing the app to be used with a standard web browser once you make an account. SmartType is one feature that will speed up your basic script elements that occur often.



4. Script Studio



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This is a professional writing app with an interface that will wow those who are willing to spend $200. It is also primarily a screenwriting program, but its now added in functionality for novels, too. With your money comes some pretty sexy features such as nightmode, for if your eyes are starting to dry up and want to have a late night writing session. Your own custom themes can also be created to suit whatever mood you might be in.


Character Spotlight is also a cool feature that lets you get to know your characters better. Within Character Spotlight you’ll find in built thought provoking questions to fill out to help you really get to know your own creation from another perspective. Some questions include “What is your character’s greatest regret?” and “Does your character have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?”



5. Storyist



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Storyist comes at $60 and has a whole bunch of features that may seem unusable for some, but for screenwriters, this is a great app for story development with an excellent word processor complete with a screenwriting element. The interface is intuitive to use for creative writing and uses the Tab/Return command to format your script to Hollywood standards so you don’t have to do it manually.



6. iA Writer



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At $30, this is the most minimalist of all the apps on this list with the fewest built in distractions. Like Ulysses, it is developed for writing prose as opposed to simply editing text and has a simple, elegant interface. Great for those who are looking for a minimal app who are not in need of endless features.



7. Writeroom



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Writeroom is $25, with a less-is-more approach that helps the writer focus on their work. Ideal for shorter works. It is a tool designed solely for one function. distraction free writing. The only downfall is that its too expensive for what it offers.



8. Byword



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A simple, yet powerful text editor and available to buy for $11. Although inexpensive in comparison to other writing apps, it is ideal for those who publish their writing on WordPress, Medium, or other online platforms. The main audience that Byword captures are naturally bloggers and digital publishers who understand advanced HTML formatting within a simple text editor, enabling writers to write quickly, edit quickly and publish articles within the same working environment.



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