8 Ideas You’ve Definitely Had If You’re an Avid Reader

8 Ideas You’ve Definitely Had If You’re an Avid Reader


So you’re a reader; you’ve probably got some bookish dreams and aspirations. Some of them are more attainable than others, but there’s nothing wrong with thinking big! Many of us book lovers think alike- especially when we finish a good book. “Maybe I’ll open a bookstore!” you may say to yourself, or “Perhaps I should change my life; that’s what the main character in my book did!”

Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. Here are 8 ideas every serious reader has once, if not twice or thrice, in their life:


1. “I’m going to open a bookstore!”




We can do it. We have all the books – let’s just sell those! Plus, authors and publishers will give you free books- right?


2. “It’s time for me to write my novel.”




Honestly, even people who aren’t big readers entertain this idea. What isn’t fun about writing thousands and thousands of words, only to possibly-maybe-not-even get published?


3. “I’m done with my book. Now I need to drastically change my life.”


Ready for change


Whether it’s cutting out gluten, waking up at 5 a.m. for intense cardio, or moving to Rome to find the love of your life, we’ve all felt pushed to make a drastic change after a breathtaking book.


4. “Today I will start my blog.”




Don’t play; we have all attempted, at some point, to start a blog. Don’t act like you’re better than everyone else, we know!


5. The “I don’t need a man/woman” phase




After a love story crashes and burns and breaks your heart, you decide you are perfectly fine and an independent woman/man who don’t need no man/woman!


6. Or the opposite: “I must find the one!”


Hopeless romantic


Or you find the story moving, and you too must find your nonrealistic, perfectly romantic in a rude kind of way person who will let you live off their money for the rest of your days (Ahem, Mr. Darcy).


7. “I will sell all my books.”




I don’t know if this is a common thing, but I have had weird urges to rid my personal library and start anew after a good binge.


8. “I will buy ALL the books.”


Buying books


Or you go to the nearest second-hand, half-priced, give-us-a-kidney-we-will-call-it-even book shop and you spend more money than your account actually holds (It’s fine, we’ve all been there.)


So cheers to the bookworms and bingers alike, you aren’t on your own. Check your local coffee house for discarded sketches of a new and inventive bookstore – trust me, it’ll be there.


All gifs courtesy of Giphy. Featured image courtesy fo http://readcommendations.tumblr.com/.