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8 Gorgeous Writing Residences That’ll Awaken Your Muse

Picture this: escape the monotony of your known world and apply to one of these writing residencies in locations that will induce the peace, quiet and the freedom that comes with disconnecting from your everyday routine. Most welcome all genres of writing and some offer the chance to live with other creatives from all over the world. These incubators of productivity are sure to inspire, nurture and enlighten the writer in you.


1. Wellstone Centre in the Redwoods


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The center hosting this writing residency is located in the Santa Cruz mountains of California just a few miles from the ocean. Get all the nurturing and inspiration you need to conjure up something great in their self proclaimed “calm, beautiful environment surrounded by nature.” Nature of epic proportions, I am sure.


2. Shakespeare and Company Bookshop


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This English language bookshop located in the heart of Paris offers an awesome residency. Aerogramme writers’ studio fills us in, saying

Shakespeare and Company has thrown open its doors to all sorts of writers, artists, and intellectuals…In exchange, Tumbleweeds (as guests came to be called) are asked only to “read a book a day,” help out in the shop for a couple of hours, and write a single-page autobiography for its archives. The bookshop has housed an estimated 30,000 Tumbleweeds.


*Buys flight to Paris.*


3. The Arctic Circle, North Pole


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Some writers may need to get further away from the everyday grind than others… If this is the case then this residency is definitely for you. Grass is lame anyways. This residency actually takes place on an ice-class expeditionary sailing vessel on which you will have the company of not only writers but scientists, educators and activists. This social and geographical cross-over of art and science is sure to have your mind ticking over with ideas. Don’t forget your bathing suit!


4. Sangam House, Nrityagram, India


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40 miles from the southern city of Bangalore is where this international writers residency is located and its aim is to bring together non-fiction writers of the English language. In recent years the paradisiacal Sangam House has helped translate Kashmiri poetry into English to be enjoyed by a wider audience. The first publication has come out with the help of Words Without Borders. Take a peek, have a listen.


5. Gullkistan Residency, Laugarvatn, Iceland


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The Gullkistan writers residency is smaller in volume and hosts 3 to 6 people on a picturesque, family-friendly farm in the south Icelandic countryside. Bound to the nearly unoccupied landscape this location is somewhere one can organically develop their creative process and sink into its practice while attending workshops of all kinds throughout their stay.


6. Write A House, Detroit, Michigan



Founded in 2012, ‘A Writers Residency Re-imagined’ offers long term living spaces for those who help create them. This cool-as-hell residency creates an opportunity to make itself permanent. Write a House is a non-profit organization that seeks to stabilize Detroit’s most vulnerable neighborhoods by having residents and volunteers refurbish abandoned homes which are later awarded to an artist or writer… FO FREE.


7. Artcroft, Millersburg, Kentucky


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Revitalize your creative spirit in Artcroft’s pastoral setting located in the rolling hills of Millersburg, Kentucky. This residency reaches out to writers and artists and operates on a cooperative basis meaning all residents are expected to help cater for everyone whether it be gardening, keeping facilities and studios clean or cooking for your peers.


8. Outlandia, Scotland.


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A more experimental and radical approach to these residencies is Outlandia, an off-the-grid studio space in the wooded Scottish Highlands. Built to intertwine creativity with the environment, Outlandia offers a multidisciplinary residency for photographers, sculptors, architects, writers, film-makers, the lot. 


Whether you are going alone or not, these programs are sure to put you in contact with new influential persons who can mentor you, offer insight and hell, they may even become life-long friends. A little change of scenery never hurt anybody.


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